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Road To Ruin Cover Page Art Selection. · 5:18am Aug 3rd, 2018

I have a new idea for a series of the life of King Sombra for his years as a Colt in Celestia's school for Gifted Unicorns. To his Defeat at the Battle of the Crystal Empire.

I got many an idea but I am torn between 2 well made cover art choices. I will post them both here and let you decide what one you feel would be better and please tell me why if you can.

Thank you for your time and support.

Art 1 -

Art 2 -

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Comments ( 4 )

Wow, I can see why you’d be stuck on choosing just one. They are both really good!
Honestly, I’m not really sure myself. I guess it depends on how dark you think the story might get.
If you plan on the story being more of a sad story with romance and betrayal, I’d definitely go with the first picture.
If you plan on making the story mostly focused directly on sombra and how evil he becomes rather than how he affects others, I’d go with the second picture.
I’d be okay with either one in the end but those are just my thoughts.

What a very detailed response. I will take all that into account in my final choice.

Thank you for your reply and time.

Ok....yeah, those are both...wow. Personally, I prefer the 2nd one, but I feel like the answer depends on what kind of story you want to tell and where the focus is. The 1st one makes me think we're heading into romance and the 2nd one is much more of a dramatic shift in sombra..almost good/bad versions. I can't read your mind, so I don't know how important the implied second pony from the 1st image would be, but the lower image in the first one, while looking similar, I could see myself not instantly linking that to sombra if I didn't see the top of it for contrast.

*Nods* I see what your saying. This story is still in the planning stages right now. I want to get some more work done on my other projects first.

But I thank you for your time and comment. I will take all of that into account when I do my series. Thank you again for your time.

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