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Fogged Bank · 10:50pm Aug 2nd, 2018

Important heads-up to those who are supporting folks on Patreon: Your pledges may not have gone through. Patreon moved the address that accepts them across the Atlantic without telling anyone, and banks' automatic fraud detection systems are throwing a fit. Check your inbox and/or junk folder for an email from Patreon with the subject line "(username), we ran into a an issue trying to process your pledge on Patreon", or just go to your payment settings. Rejiggering it a little should do the trick; I just had to switch it over to Paypal.

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Comments ( 3 )
Site Blogger

How hilariously stupid of them.

Yeah I had to go to my bank to tell them that I still approved the transaction.

Ah the things I do for pony stories.

It’s amazing that they would do something that would prevent them from getting your money. :facehoof:

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