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The 2018 Bronycon Days... Continued · 8:14pm Aug 1st, 2018

It's funny, if you think about it, how conventions affect an individual. You might've been close to quitting the fandom, and decided to head over for a last huzzah before fading into the obscurity of the internet (only to inevitably emerge again in another fandom, years from now, when you thought you had put all of this BS behind you.)

But then you go to Bronycon for the first time ever, and what was becoming old is new. The people you knew as names now have faces and weird accents, are taller than you imagined, less threatening than you thought and, don't have long hair tied back in a ponytail after all, and actually know how to smile.

Who would've thunk it?

Anyway, one of the joys of BC (and other cons, to be fair) is to get excited again about the whole thing. These are your readers, your viewers, your patrons, or commenters. The dudes you met in Discord who posted way more information than you cared to know, or sent you an invite to their very-specific-interest-channel which you politely denied.

In many ways, these are your people. And like all families and circles, there are weird ones, intense ones, withdrawn ones, insufferable ones and the others which you love to hang out with, but are all in the end the amalgam that makes our fandom what it is. By their uniqueness combined, they make the gestalt entity that makes Bronycon be Bronycon.

And when you're there, just having fun, with no secret agenda, no attempt to persuade you into anything just… welcoming as a fandom should be? That's what makes things like Bronycon worthwhile. That's what makes Baltimore accept us as people they enjoy having around.


I think I had four breakfasts of different sizes on Saturday. But! All of them were well worth the  time, and with all the walking being done, I never really felt too bloated :P

One of the best breakfast moments, was when Midnight Dancer joined Corejo, C2 and I at Chick-Fill-A, because, in addition to her lovely company at the table, it just happens that Commander_Pensword was also there with others, one of which turned out to be none other than V-Pony himself, who I was very honored to meet, and a fellow brony writer (whose name eludes me, if it was actually given, sorry!) approached the table just before they left. V introduced himself briefly, and the unnamed author said, (paraphrasing): "Hey Wanderer, I just wanted to say that you revoked one of my fics a while ago and I held a grudge against you for the longest time. But… thank you for that."

That, along with "I thought you were a tyrant until I met you" are some of my favorite con moments ever.

Eventually I ended up meeting with Jaxie and BH for a very brief overview of the presentation, which then I went back to the hotel room to touch up and finish, adding the audio files needed for AMORES DE ASADOR, and sneaking in the very relevant Taco Conundrum slide to throw BH in for a loop, unintended as it (throwing him for a loop) was.

After that, I went over to have lunch with Dancer, C2, Flashgen, Petri and FoughtDragon at the Pratt Street Alehouse. Dancer was wearing her Rarity cosplay, and her pony ears wiggled whenever she chewed something. And I swear it was the most adorable, cutest thing I have seen, even if she got self-conscious because I kept staring at her head with melty eyes.

After that I went back to Quills and Sofas on the way to which I spotted and briefly exchanged greetings with the legendary Olden Bronie, who insisted that this year he had brought new shoes to go with his uniform—before ending up in the Market Place again, where I met up with Petrichord and Cloudhammer for a brief walkabout during which I stopped for like the fifth time in the last couple of days at Dusty Sculpts' booth. We go back, Dusty and I, and I should have mentioned that on Friday, it was one of the first places I hit! XD Dude's an amazing artist and, if you've ever seen my TSC scultptures, he's the one that made them. He and his brother are also two of the people that I always count on for making the con better by sheer force of them being there... before I called it quits and went off for a nap and more editing,

And that is how I ended up going to the Alehouse one more time that day. Since I took a bit longer than anticipated, I headed straight for the venue, found out the group had been shoved upstairs into a room separate from that which regular people frequented and followed the clues to the large table where they were located. I immediately recognized Jaxie, Pascoite and Regidar, oh, and how nice, they had saved a spot for me.

I sit down next to Regidar and EquestrianSen, with Noir Cat (Iryerris) immediately to ES' left. After saluting Pascoite across the table, I start chatting a bit with Regidar when I hear a familiar accent from a bit ahead.

I look up and the guy talking, sitting to the left of Noir-Iryerris is dressed like your stereotypical Barcelona hipster, and seems to have developed that skill that lets you breathe and speak at the same time... a nagging feeling flows through me… that sense that I was close to solving a mystery of some sort, akin maybe to what el Cid Campeador felt (probably) when his dead body was tied to a horse and sent forth to scare the Moors off. Or something.

So I ask EquestrianSen, "Hey, that guy sounds like a Spaniard… is that Aragon?"


"Oh." A beat. "Eh, tu! Aragón!" Ignored. "HARAGÁN!" Success. (Holler if you see what I did there.)

So we introduce ourselves to each other and then just start randomly talking in Spanish about a certain blog of his. This goes as well as can be expected and the confused and slightly baffled looks from the others are a balm to my dark soul. Mission accomplished.

We talk about Spain, in English, this time. Differences between Barcelona, Madrid and other places. Oh, and the seafood in Santander, among other things, before we are distracted by the arrival of food courtesy of nice waitress Jennifer, and we return to conversations with others.

I comment on Iryerris's feline attire and tells me that I missed out on Crystal's Miraculous Ladybug cosplay, which I reveal—much to my embarrassment—is something I actually saw… and intended to take a picture with said cosplayer before I lost sight of her… and it never dawned on me it could've been her. Dammit.

After that, the conversation is mostly a discussion about the politics in Jaxie's workplace and the horrid life of working for local restaurants in Hawaii, whether Regidar was a Howlie haole or not, and mostly agreed that his previous bosses aren't ideal. Turns out, that unless you're working at a place that has a Union (a fact confirmed to me by a Hawaii-located chef a couple of days later), they can just kick you out, no explanation required.


Anyway, dinner is done and people want to head out to the Gala or Trixie's dinner, but Jaxie and myself can't attend due to the time of our panel. Which was at 11PM on Saturday and I totally didn't blog about because I'm just that kind of person.

We headed back to Quills and Sofas where a long and involved discussion about Anime, Manga and Comics was held courtesy of Aragon having opinions on the matter, before it was time for the Advanced Writing Toolkit: Try These Five Weird Tricks! Panel which title was created around the idea of click-bait.

But more on that tomorrow...

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Comments ( 29 )

You forgot the part of dinner where Aragon was astounded by American food!

"Am I supposed to eat all of this by myself?"

America: Why have it good when you can have MORE OF IT?

Why not both?




Motherfucking salad plate was bigger than my head. By the time the crab dip made it to the table I think I had already eaten twice my body weight in olives, jesus fucking lord. No shit you're all so tall.

Also, hey, he also left out how Jaxie had an entire carte of beer to choose from, and he went and picked the one nobody could stand. You drank it, and your throat got actually drier. It was amazing.

Majin Syeekoh

You're still a little bitch.

"I thought you were a tyrant"

Obviously he never got to interact with Poultron. I kinda miss Poul.

Author Interviewer

dressed like your stereotypical Barcelona hipster

oh my god XD

Man, that panel was my favorite of the writing panels I attended (though all of them were enjoyable and/or informative).

That, along with "I thought you were a tyrant until I met you" are some of my favorite con moments ever.

You’re still a tyrant to me. :heart:

Those are small portions :rainbowwild:

Haha sounds fun. Also, do you speak much Japanese? Just curious about つづく at the end.

I see my attempts to beat the piss out of you with the full sanction of the con staff were not worth mentioning.

I see how it is.

*sniff* :pinkiesad2:

Nobody could think you're a tyrant after seeing you. You just radiate calmness.

It sounds Aragon had several memorable moments. :pinkiehappy:

Wanderer D

4912288 I think I need to share one of the pictures Midnight Dancer took at the steak house :twilightsheepish:

Yo, I might be coming next year. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know.

I comment on Iryerris's feline attire and tells me that I missed out on Crystal's Miraculous Ladybug cosplay, which I reveal—much to my embarrassment—is something I actually saw… and intended to take a picture with said cosplayer before I lost sight of her… and it never dawned on me it could've been her. Dammit.

Aww, man. So close and yet so far. I feel bad you missed us. Didnt expect my name on here though so thats a nice little surprise. Good talking to you. Dinner was fun. Hanging out with this crazy Spaniard brought me in contact with people I otherwise never would have met. It was nice.

Right? We have properly sized three course meals and America is like: "have this appetizer that can feed your whole family." It's crazy.

Wanderer D

4912156 I thought it was adorable.
4912163 A war was never won on an empty stomach. Or something.
4912167 Yes. Why not.
4912196 Salad should never fill you up. It's rabbit food.
4912205 but a huggable one.
4912214 Pchan was really fun.
4912247 He did!
4912255 Glad you enjoyed it! I did too!
4912273 :heart: I wore your shirt, pleb.
4912280 A bit. Not remotely close to real speech. But I understand it better than I write it or speak it, if that makes sense.
4912283 Oh! Dude, I do have to bring that up! It was sad I didn't get to see you... try :raritywink:
4912288 Thanks! I'm glad my ploy is working I present myself as such.
4912377 And the best thing is those moments were shareable. Which is not always true of BC.
4912400 Dude! Please!
4912410 It was very nice to meet you! You are a very cool cat.

I know which one you mean, and I wasn't joking about making it my avatar


re: rarity ears

fuck you tho

Also I totally noticed leaving me out of the people you had lunch with, but I ain't mad.

Wanderer D

4912844 SHIT! :rainbowlaugh: Oh man! Sorry, you definitely were there, I can't believe I skipped you~! This is why I should check my con pictures before posting!

So a tyrant in an Admiral Biscuit shirt.

M.A. Larson has one of my shirts, you know.


Haha don't know if you'll get any of that :twilightsheepish: Just run it through Translate.

Wanderer D

4913012 すごい! The saddest thing is that if I had started taking Japanese seriously when I discovered I really liked it, I would be completely proficient now. :twilightsheepish: What area do you live in?

Yeah haha. Story of my life.

it's spelled "haole", but i can't blame you for not knowing that :rainbowwild:

Wanderer D

4913441 Sounds like "Howlie" :P

that it does, but that's because we're haoles :rainbowlaugh:

it should be pronounced "ha-ol-eh"

Wanderer D

4913461 heh. Anyway, I fixed it :)

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