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  • 4 weeks

    As you know, I have gotten lucky enough to develop as a writer during my almost 4 years on FiMfic and have gotten a following bigger than I could have ever dreamed of. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  • 6 weeks

    3 things in the works... Stay tuned...

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  • 27 weeks
    New Story Sneak Peek

    Hey guys, been a while, but shit happens that requires more immense attention. To give you a but of a treat, here is a sneak peek of something I am working on.

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  • 68 weeks
    Update Schedule

    Let me start with an apology.

    I know I have been falling behind on my writing, but my health has been out of whack. Yesterday I was sent to the ER due to possibly having a mini stroke, which was not ruled out...

    So that happened...

    Anyways, you may have noticed an uptick in my word count per chapter, as I have gotten better at telling the story.

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  • 83 weeks

    Two years...

    For two years I have been a part of this wonderful site, and in the process have grown as a writer. It has given me new insight as to how creative I could be, and not a day goes by where I don't think of new adventures for our favorite mares and stallions to go on and new realms to explore.

    But life, as always, is a double-edged sword...

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Spoiler · 9:55pm Jul 31st, 2018

Bit of a delay with the current chapter due to how long it is and making corrections as I go (it is over 6500 words and more to come).

To help build hype, gonna give you a few spoilers to talk about in the comments section:

1) Chapter title is Balt'mare Blitz
2) Chryssy gets a heartsong
3) Bukbug is second best bug (only behind Queen Mothra).

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