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This guy right here? · 4:21pm Jul 31st, 2018

Man, FUCK this guy.

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Okay, question... Who the fuck is this guy?

Is that from Hero Academia?

What you said. I hate this guy. >:(

And I'm asking because his arm looks like it is his quirk.

Ikr? I barely remember what he did, just that he was a jerk about it. :rainbowlaugh:

One piece. Which is like MHA but with pirates instead of school.

And yes, he is a terrible monster for what he did, the ramifications of which are still being felt in the most recent chapters.

Other than the one big spoiler I mean. (Phone not letting me edit comments. :applejackconfused:)

Oh! Thanks for telling me, now I have to go check out this Anime now :D

Every single fucking BULLSHIT thing he did at Marineford. Talking shit to Squard to convince him to betray Whitebeard, talking shit in general, killing Ace, NEARLY killing Jinbei and Luffy, threatening to kill Coby, TRYING TO KILL COBY before Shanks stopped him...

Basically, if Blackbeard wasn't around, Akainu would be THE Big Bad of One Piece.

The way I see it he's the Lawful Evil to counter Blackbeard's Chaotic Evil and Luffy's Chaotic Good.

Believe me, One Piece is just getting started. There are some huge assholes you haven‘t even met. (There might be a bit of bias in that statement)

Actually if we're talking Big Bads it'd have to actually be either the Celestial Dragons, the Gorosei or the guy they answer to if you're caught up to the Reverie and the start of Wano. Won't say anything else otherwise.

Depending on when that Screenshot took place either Admiral or Fleet Admiral Akainu from One Piece one of the worse people to be in charge of the Marines.

The thing that bugs me the most is that his belief in"Absolute Justice" seems to have a huge blind spot in regards to anything related to the world nobles.
His code of ethics is basically all who break/oppose the law must face justice no exceptions, but he never even has a hint of an urge to do anything about world nobles very clearly doing things he has killed people for doing. His belief is not "absolute" its seems actually pretty selective(basically being all must follow the Law or Die...except those guys they can do what ever they want, in fact I will actually help them if anyone tries to stop them)
I could actually have some respect if however small for him if his he was truly absolute with his belief, but as I see it he has no actual moral belief that crime is wrong its just against the law.

Then good luck, it has over 800 episodes. But its worth it, just say goodbye to social life if you wanna binge watch it.

Exactly, and that's the problem with the Marines as a whole: their "absolute justice" is the justice as defined by the World Government. There are a select few higher-rank Marines who truly understand the difference and DON'T see the world in black and white--and then there's bastards like Akainu.

I already have no social life.

Welcome to the club my man.

I honestly wonder what his reaction to a being given suicidal order for no reason or a if he was given the order to kill everyone taller than 7ft on the whims of some bratty world noble.
Or basically something causing him to be declared a criminal.

All Im Saying Is Basically
Fuck That Guy

I honestly don't care how he'd react. The man is a mass murderer and has BEEN a mass murderer since Ohara. Everything he does is sheer hypocrisy.

Gotta admit he's got kickass Devil Fruit powers, despite being a complete d-bag.

I am honestly way behind on actually watching One Piece myself, so I don’t know what this guy is like. But I do know all I need to know about him since I know that he is the one who killed Ace!
Though it kinda seems like most of the Marines in One Piece are pieces of shit due to them being the designated villains, with only a few exceptions like Koby, Smoker, and Garp.
Oh well, I’ll finally catch up someday.

Oda does an amazing job of writing villains I want to beat the shit out of. Arlong, Spandam, Doflamingo, THIS FUCKER. I can keep going.

Honestly, most of the adults in that rich district. But yeah, especially him.

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