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Friendship is Failure: DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS Review · 12:33am Jul 31st, 2018

I've read a ton of Pokémon fanfiction in my life. For those of you that don't know, the Pokémon fandom has this slight obsession with creating fics with Ash betrayal. Often times, these stories would be a mess because of how angsty they could be. Here's my friend's sentiment on darkness.

I would argue that being dark can work for Pokemon, look no further than Spell of the Unown where it had no true villain but had an antagonist, but being edgy isn't for Pokemon. Darkness is often a byproduct and not the intention in a story. Take Digimon Tamers which you mentioned. Konaka wanted a story to have weight behind the actions, so he eliminated the temporary death that Adventure and 02 had for a more permanent one. The byproduct is that a story now has heightened tension from the fact that main characters can die. Conversely, edge is always, according to what I've seen with DC New 52 and Marvel MAX, an intention. You want to be dark as possible, but you just annoy the hell out of people because it reeks of trying too hard.

This basically mirrors my sentiment on darkness and edginess. A good story doesn't add darkness and darkness for the sake of it like an edgy story. Often times, darkness is a byproduct. But Mykan's Darkness of Dimensions is just dark for the sake of dark. Characters are kicked in the teeth for the sake of getting kicked in the teeth. Honestly, I have never read a story that seems more like parody of a grimdark fic than this one.

Mykan's Darkness of Dimensions is a crossover between multiple fictional universes, some of which include MLP and Digimon. While reading it, I found it mean-spirited and didactic. Bad things happen for the sake of happening or spite. Mykan's most prominent flaw in writing is the art of the author tract. These are not characters that look, act, and feel human; they are mere voices for Mykan. It's sucks because it fails to be anything more than edge for the sake of edge.

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The third Pokemon movie is the best one, hands down. It does a lot and accomplishes a lot from giving Ash a reason to get involved to having an interesting antagonist whose motivation is sympathetic and understandable.

As for Tamers, well, it's very different than its predecessors or successors due to that one change. While I will always support Frontier, because the lens of my glasses are rosemary colored, I do concede that Tamers is better for what it does and has.

A problem with the "darker and edgier" prospect is that you need depth in order to pull it off. So-called "kids entertainment" can have mature themes and concepts within it if it's executed well - people have praised Toy Story 3 for addressing what people foresaw back with the previous films.

It's unfortunate that people fail to understand this: there's no point in making things darker for no reason. You can have more mature storytelling, but that doesn't equal violence and being meanspirited.

You know what the sad thing is? This is what Mykan wants the world to be. He wants it all to be dark for the sake of supporting his worldviews. This is how he wants everything, all because he had a rough upbringing. He thinks that, since horrible things happened to him, that it's the way everything should be, and that anything else is pathetic. A better person would have tried to make it so no one would go through what he did. Instead, he wants every aspect of life to repeat the same mistakes he's experienced.

I remember once on Chatzy, he said "we need more Count Blecks and Master Orgs". Meaning he wants more bad things to happen whenever someone loses their love.

But worst of all...the only reason he writes is to punish people for not getting together the way he wanted, or for not supporting his pairing. He wants things to be dark and edgy solely because his shippings never happened. And if you ask me, that's the worst reasoning of all...

This review is far too short, even for an incomplete fic, I'm afraid.

I think the biggest problem is simply that Mykan has no idea of the concept of darkness as differentiated in a literal and a metaphorical sense.

Darkness for Mykan is some sort of manifestation of negativity, instead of a term to describe either the lack of light or something associated to describe a number of negative traits people associate with evil as such.
He can't comprehend that his try hard edgy definition of evil, which amounts more to people whinning about not getting everything handled on a silver plate, is not really what most of us would define as evil. He just can't comprehend how selfishness, cruelty and other negative virtues and emotions are playing themselves out in a "realistic manner" that can lead to people losing their faith in humanity.
Instead he believes true evil acts like Power Ranger villains who deliberately were asked to be as hammy as possible

How much does he loathe wholesomeness to think like that?

He loathes it because he didn't have it growing up. Because it's not something he got handed to him on a silver platter. He prefers villains to heroes and agrees with their philosophies, to the point of placing their actions and beliefs into those of his own "heroes". He also believes that "spite makes right" in his world, and hammers that in constantly.

So if I had to guess how much he hated wholesomeness, I'd say...a lot. Like, not even someone like Megatron would hate it as much.

Oh boy... and yet he says we need help because we dont suscribe to his nihilistic cynic and pessimistic outlook

All this talk made me realize that his version of Cadence is the strongest character he has written. Just think about it, poor mare life's a hell and yet she's almost still the same optimistic horned pegasus as always

Never thought about it like that. And keep in mind, Mykan is the one who punishes Cadence through no fault of her own, simply because she got married while Beast Boy from Teen Titans and Davis from Digimon didn't get his preferred ship interests. Also because of some anti-love vow he made when he was five.

Mykan, I know you're spying on us. -_-

So let's go where he never dares to go, let's make wholesome from the unwholesome, let's make characters with depth and conflicting traits, like real people, let's shake up the status quo , let's make our characters suffer but not for the sake of it but because we want their victories taste sweeter. Are you with me?

He is the champion of darkness and suffering we will be the best at wholesomeness and heartwarming

He can rule in his kingdom of darkness. Its the best he can do. We will lead in a nation of light

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