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A Refutation: Mykan's My Style of Writing · 11:52pm Jul 30th, 2018

My Style of Writing (Word limit Rule is LEGIT)

One of the hardest things in media is adapting a work from one medium like a book or video game and turning it into another medium like a movie. For every benefit one medium holds, a drawback appears. A novel lets you write so long as you can write and have resources, but a television series or movie has a budget and multiple people working on them. A movie might offer you cool visuals and sounds, but a novel only make a shallow imitation of that using words. A comic allows for colorful visuals, but it often looks goofy and hard to take seriously. Now let's get on to Mykan.

Just now, I took Sisterhooves Social, and wrote out the ENTIRE EPISODE in fanfic style, exactly as it practically was..

Sisterhooves Social is (according to Dailymotion) 22 minutes long, borrowing a few seconds. Then again, intro and end credits don't actually count, so that's one minute off... 21 minutes of actual episode time.

and what do you know, the total word count is nearly 4700 words.

I'm curious whether you took into account more than just summaries of what happens and dialogue. Did you take into account the speed of a background pony moving, the movement of the manes as the characters walk, their height in relation to each other, the lighting changes, to what extent the lighting changes, the textures of the environment, the speed at which characters converse, and a million of other things that exist in animation? Because I'm having a hard time believing "nearly 4700" is enough to capture what happens in one episode when audio and visual aspects are concerned. There is a reason why a friend of mine described animation as masochism.

Let's just show all the detail of how a quick death for a character goes.

And don't even think about giving me that old "I can read that many words faster, in 15 minutes Big Deal. Like I told you before, you need to think of it as if you were WATCHING it on TV. You may be able to READ a story at different speeds, but you can't really WATCH IT at a different speed. If it was on TV it'd still be 22 minutes or so long (Using a playback speed changer doesn't count)

There are two main components of humanity and time: perception and measured time. People have different perceptions on time depending on a number of factors such as age, stress, health, upbringing, and emotional state. Running under the assumption that you want us to imagine a 22 minute episode rather than waste our time reading it over the course of 22 minutes, you're talking about perception of 22 minutes. One man's 22 minutes can be another man's 10. That is not even taking into account structural problems. The Last Jedi has no more than 4 climaxes, something which does harm internal pacing. In fact, this is probably why so many novelizations focus less on sensory information and more on characterization and character perception on events around them. It's why reading the script to a show while the show is running in the background is never done at the same pace.

And here's another bit of force I can add to my argument: Deviantart. Many of my fics also get posted there, but I discovered that their uploading capacity has a limit on it as well. If you try to load a text document that is over 10,000 words long, it'll go "ERROR" and be unable to load it up, and you can't try loading it paragraphs at a time, I tried that..

I was loading DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS on DA as well. and some of the chapters as you see are QUITE SIZABLE. One of them was soo big (More than 11,500 words) and I couldn't shave anything off no matter what I did. so... I had to split that chapter in half "Chapter 4 part 1... and Chapter 4 Part 2)

No refutation here. If the medium of exchange doesn't work, it doesn't work.

Still, I do agree that writers need to have word limits. There comes a point where a work becomes mediocre or poor because the writer just writes for the sake of writing; however, this word quota is by nature writing for the sake of writing, a habit which often leads to writer's block and creator's frustration.


  • Every medium has its trade offs. A novel lacks the visual and auditory information, but it makes up for it by allowing for character perception to be taken into account, something all audio-visual mediums lack.
  • It takes months and months to make a full episode of any animated work. That isn't even taking into account the background, lighting, and sheer scale of one scene alone.
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Context will always be imperative in different mediums of entertain and even then those mediums will have different disciplines. Consider the differences between Stop-Motion Animation and Flash Animation.

But, in any event, something books have over visual mediums is that the reader can imagine or interpret details from the text. They can picture what the characters look and sound like vs seeing and hearing it.

Though honestly, in my opinion, the most fruitless endeavor will always be trying to adapt music into a visual medium.

Music into a visual medium always sucks. I give some stories passes because the soundtrack actually exists and anyone could look it up.

Because I'm having a hard time believing "nearly 4700" is enough to capture what happens in one episode when audio and visual aspects are concerned.

Unfortunately I can't post it for you to see it (Copyright rules, and that includes Google docs)... so, tough rocks

4911391 Oh yeah. But it's always bizarre formatting. Would somebody just put the unformated lyrics, or format it into dialogue, or just leave it out?

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