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    I've been gone over a year since I last posted, and for that I suppose I should apologize, but MLP just lost its luster for me, so I moved on to creating other things. Now that it's been so long and over a lot of work and effort, I've moved on to writing books, comics, and that's why I'm here today.

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    Sicklestitch, a knight and mentor of the Hagwarder's guild.

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    Call of the Crow Final Chapter

    The final chapter of the short story Hagwarders: Call of the Crow has been released! You can finish off the story with the final chapter here:

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    Call of the Crow: Chapter 3

    My story for the Hagwarders is up to Chapter 3 and is available to read on the website.

    When Caulicrow and Stanley find the boy from their past yet again hagridden, they try to help him out, to see him yet again freed from his nightmares and terrors.


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    Since I have not been updating with new stories recently, I have instead been working on new things that I might start for myself. New ideas that will become my own. I have become part of the Hagwarders, and am writing and creating for that. It isn't ponies, but it's something I have creative input on. I am writing, creating characters, places, enemies, and stories for it all. Here is the first

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Fanart of Eight-legged Friends · 7:35pm Jul 30th, 2018

So, Alicorndrawings did some great fanart of Eight-legged Friends. I'm a much bigger fan of this one

than the second,

but that's entirely personal preference. It captures the "half-hidden" horror of what you know is happening, but doesn't get fully explained.
Thank you, Alicorndrawings and keep up the good work.

Report Waxworks · 133 views · Story: Eight-legged Friends. · #Spiders #Creepy
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Comments ( 2 )

Same with me, I love the first one too

Oh, that's... yeah, that first one is super creepy!

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