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    BronyCon 2019

    is the last BronyCon.

    You all are going, right?


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BronyCon 2019 · 12:00am Jul 30th, 2018

is the last BronyCon.

You all are going, right?


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Comments ( 25 )

Well, fuck. I guess I HAVE to try and make this one, now :c
(Keyword try.)

I'm so there.

God, I certainly hope so.

I have always said I will keep coming to BronyCon until they tell me I can't come back or they don't have it anymore.

I'll be back, yes.

It will hurt to say goodbye to this con,

But I know this fandom will live on and we will meet again some where.

It'll be the last Bronycon in Baltimore, sure. But the last one period? Nah. They'll just change locations.

I'm gonna be there anyway, though.

Site Blogger

The press release is pretty clear that "BronyCon" as an entity is done for the foreseeable future.

Author Interviewer

pff, no :/

If I don't get fucked over by work then yes

Took the words out of my mouth.

I very rarely go to cons out of driving distance, but it'll be a top priority for my 2019 schedule.

Of course! I haven’t missed one since I started going!
I can’t miss meeting anyone this time! Gotta plan! :fluttershbad:

You all are going, right?

... Are you?

Site Blogger

Absent some unforeseen circumstance, absolutely.

It's times like these that make me curse being in Australia... it makes these things... difficult.

Site Blogger

Dammit, why?!

I wish. Maybe if I can find some way, but I highly doubt it :(

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