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Quick Update · 1:39am Jul 28th, 2018

Hey guys, this week has been pretty busy. I will be slightly late in updates until after my interview.

So this past week I haven't been able to do much writing for one main reason. my interviews. I had a phone interview the previous Thursday that hit off pretty well. So well, in fact, that the interviewer said out right in the interview that he was going to fly me out to the site. I've never had feedback that quick on a phone interview. I feel like this could be the job for me. This will be nice, as it will be a 35% increase over the previous job I had, which was already pretty good in terms of payments.

That being said, I do have to try harder to impress them, seeing as how my unemployment benefits are running out without any hope for extensions on it, being the state I live in doesn't do that.

Anyways, preparing for this interview really took up the bulk of my time this week. I wanted to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible and that I looked good for them and could get there on time. The interview will be at 10:30 am sharp on Monday. I'm pretty excited to see where this'll lead.

I apologize for the state of this blog. It's really more of just a collection of thoughts rather than fully fleshed out blog. I hit a writer's block in Pandemic, although that's possibly just due to the distractions of the interview looming around the corner. The next chapter in Series of Chaotic Events was completed some days back, but I haven't gotten around to edits on it or the first chapter I already had released. I have finished two chapters in Effigy of Dragon this month and started a third. So all in all, things are looking good. I'll get around to posting a formal July stats blog sometime next week to disclose how well I did. I still have Monday evening and all of Tuesday to try to reach my personal goal, or at least get as close as possible. I wanted to work on it some today, but I seemed to have gotten a little sick. :twilightsheepish:

Until next time,

Princess Amore

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Comments ( 3 )

Hope it all goes well, my dudette.

Well I just hope you get the job. I wish you the best of luck.

Good luck

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