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I'm just a mare who wants to finish a story. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me!

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Forever Inferno: Chapter Two Preview · 9:11pm Jul 27th, 2018

The sledgehammer slammed into the concrete wall, a new hole in its surface. The other workers had long since gone home, leaving Jazzmania all by her lonesome. Not that she cared. She'd been at it for hours, effortlessly driving the large hammer into the wall. She wasn’t getting paid extra for this but then again, she didn’t care.

She swung the hammer again, this time making an even larger hole. Her fellow coworkers often hounded her on her progress, saying that she was stealing overtime and hurting their chances of making extra money. She swung again.

Most of her coworkers weren't very fond of the idea of her working there - or more accurately, weren't fond of a Unicorn  working there. Another hole formed in the wall,  chunks of concrete crashing to the ground.

Unicorns are normally seen as the most…feeble of the pony species. They were more equipped to become scholars and politicians. They were never meant to participate in hard labor. If only those balmy idiots knew the truth… Another swing, this one a little harder.

Normally, she could care less about what others thought of her but it still rattled her nerves. After a few more swings, she took a couple steps back, panting heavily. Her brown fur was matted with sweat and her golden eyes were still hard with determination. Even though exhaustion had yet to seep into her system, her brain rationalized that this was a good time to take a break.

She slowly slid down to the floor, the sledgehammer falling to the ground with a loud thud. She took her glasses off and rubbed her face with her hands. This was her relief. Taking a sledgehammer and ramming it into the concrete wall, over and over. It was almost as good as punching your fist into someone’s else face.

Jazzmania sighed. Of course, that was before everything went to Hell.

Her phone’s ringtone sounded and she took it from her back pocket, staring at the screen. Her sister Terra’s contact photo stared right back at her, Ra Ra’s “Razzle Dazzle” playing in the background. She pushed answer.

“Look, Terra, I know it’s really late but before you start scowling me, just-,” she abruptly ceased her rambling when she heard the sound of sniffles on the other line. She paused. “Terra? What is it?”

Terra was silent for a few moments but when she did start speaking, her voice sounded swollen with tears. “Jazz…? Oh, Jazz, something terrible has happened!”

Jazzmania instantly stood up, her grip on the phone tightening. “Wha-what is it, Terra? What happened?!”

Her mind was racing, unspeakable thoughts flooding to the front of her brain. Her horn started sparking profusely with golden energy. No, she thought desperately. This can’t be happening, no!

But what was said next confirmed her worst fears, setting her blood on ice.

“Big sister, it’s Jaclynn… She’s been attacked!”

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