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Horseshoes, Crabs · 5:11pm Jul 26th, 2018

Despite Amtrak's best efforts, I am now safely ensconced in my hotel room. Now comes the tricky part of finding people. And interacting with people. Through speech.


Update: I have already briefly joined the coterie of Her Infernal Majesty, Queen Daybreaker. Or at least a cosplayer with a very impressive full-body suit, especially given that she apparently put it together in a week.

Comments ( 20 )

I'll be here all weekend! Already in the con center, lemme know where ya are around 2.

*sees title*

This just in: FOME has crabs


I hope you have a tremendous time, despite the need to interact face to face with humans!

...and your crabs. :trollestia:

[...]interacting with people. Through speech.

NO! Don't do it! Down that path lies friendship and socializing and real relationships and all sorts of other hideously wholesome concepts! Come back to the insulating safety of text-based communication before it's too late!

Find some place that has clam chowder (unless it’s out of season)!

Clams are never out of season, AFAIK.

Also, hi FoME, I'm here too. Holed up in my hotel room writing ponyfic like a proper author. :P

So, how hot is the weather?

Go to the roof and issue a challenge for an asskicking. Then when they get there reveal it was a trick all along and now you have to be best friends because the door only opens on the other side.

I’ve found the ol’ Roller Coaster Tycoon trick works wonders:

Put a sign up that says “Do Not Enter” over the one door in. Now they can’t leave and they have to be your friend.

I'm staff and writing in the con room!

He's right, you know. You should wear protection for all social interactions. Get your phone out, stealthily record everyone so nothing can be used against you as evidence in a false allegation. Make sure you follow all the advice on totallynotdelusional.com and have your face concealed or altered sufficiently to avert the evil eye. Don't listen to those quacks who wear tin foil hats, either: it's magnets or nothing, buddy. Tin foil only works against that low-quality Chinese stuff.

And remember: never be alone with a woman, especially when there's a lot of people around. That's when they get ya with the cooties. :eeyup:

Hail to the queen!

Have fun.

Pics or no believe

Damn, you beat me to it.

The wishing a fun time part and totally the crabs but not the crabs... :scootangel:

Beware the humans, for they are nothing but a miserable little pile of secrets... Nuts, that was my only wine glass.

I thought Amtrak was OK.... Oh, did you come from the airport? I'll be arriving there a little after noon tomorrow with wife in tow.

Author Interviewer

...Ponies, they got both :V

From Cheaspeak Bay?! yes they are!

You will be posting pics at some point, right?

Keep us updated on all your exploits! :heart:

Huh, I've relied on Amtrak to get to Brony meetups in Wisconsin a few times, they always managed to be reliable for me.

Mostly just affectionate ribbing. It was only a few minutes late each way.

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