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Rise of the TMNT · 2:07pm Jul 22nd, 2018

Having just watched it this morning, I have to say that so far, this is one of the weaker TMNT series, especially after the 2012 series came off so strong. I don't hate it, but there are quite a few things that seem off. One the story seems to take a massive leap. In this first episode alone, we aren't given a backstory for the turtles this time. Like, how did April get in touch with the Turtles? What about Splinter? Is he a man turned into a rat as with last time, or vice versa like the comics and movies? I'm getting the vibe it's the former once again; he seems somewhat out of character so far. Perhaps they're going the Beast Machines route, where we jump ahead to the action and build up to the backstory throughout Season 1. The animation looks something more suited for a Game Grumps segment than a Turtles one. But if I guess the creators know what they're doing in the future, I would understand.

If I have to give any points, it's John Cena's voice over as the villain. For his role in Ferdinand, you can tell it's him. But here, he has a very deep tone, almost unrecognizable, and that's amazing. I do like how we might be getting new mutants around via mosquitos filled with mutagen, and the results seem to random this time rather than "the animal you interacted with the most" like in traditional canon.

For now, I'm gonna continue watching this and see how this goes. It's not as great a reboot as Ducktales at this time, but better than Teen Titans Go. By the way, I am going to watch the movie this coming Thursday evening, expect a review on that.

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Well this series seems to be directly connect to the movies that came out recently so that's a thing

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