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Marwile watches SAO Part 18: "Again" · 9:59pm Jul 20th, 2018

I actually planned to maybe talk about the new animes this season. Hanebado looks very interesting so far. I tried and dropped Asobi Asobase and Jashin Dropkick after 16 and 6 minutes respectively. There seems to be no way for me to watch Shoujo Kamegi Revue Starlight right now. Apparently there even was a new Mlp episode today I still need to see. Instead SAO happened. Again.

Kirito reaches the top of the tree and finds Asuna in her cage. But the reunion is short lived as Sugo appears and pins them to the ground with gravity magic. He gloats about his mind control plan. Again. For the third time actually. Then he impales Kirito with his own sword and turns down the pain absorber. Why is this even a thing in a game? He claims that it leaves actual marks on the body if it’s under three.

Next he conjures up chains for Asuna and proceeds to sexually assault her. Again. And he’s very creepy about it. Again. He licks her eye and tears and boasts how he’s going to do the same to her real (comatose minor) body.

Suddenly Kayaba. Again. He says something about Kirito not giving up and he then does exactly that. Suddenly Kirito has admin access and hacker powers (Again) and starts to humiliate Sugo. Of course I’m calling bullshit. Again. He just suddenly got access through Heathcliffe’s account from a different game. He gives Sugo a sword, turns his pain absorber to zero and brutally maims him. (Honestly I wouldn’t mind physical marks. He deserves it.)

With Sugo dead Kirito logs Asuna out and Kayaba appears again. Again. He gives some weird philosophical advice. Again. And gives Kirito the world seed to create… well… a new world. Kirito logs out and decides to immediately go to the hospital.

Somehow I got a bad case of deja vu this episode. I’m not sure why. (of course I’m being sarcastic) But luckily there’s only one more episode. Unless season 2 comes right after. So tune in next week when I’ll watch SAO. Again.

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Comments ( 4 )

You're watching all of SAO? God speed.

Thanks, I'll probably need it.

Wait, you're Kamek. We already had this conversation.:rainbowhuh:

Did we? I totally forgot, sorry dude!

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