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Emergency BronyCon Commissions! · 11:32pm Jul 19th, 2018

Emergency BronyCon Commissions!

Life happened and I need hotel money for BronyCon.
Believe it or not I’m a versatile writer.
$8 per 1000 words (what a steal!)
Money-back guarantee!

The Details:

Good News: I have a job

Bad News: I just got it and I’m still waiting on my 3rd paycheck so I haven’t been able to buy BronyCon plane tickets yet and prices keep going up, and I was supposed to make several hundred dollars by donating blood plasma all month, but a snafu with a depression study I did (long story) has kept me from doing so, so right now I have no hotel money so I might sleep in the single-person bathroom during BronyCon unless I can raise some money fast.

So I’m doing emergency commissions.


I know I’m known for shitfics, but believe it or not, I can write:

Royal Canterlot Library Material:

EFeeling That Way
You're drenched in sweat and ennui. She's fighting the enemy, and you're fighting depression. Stuck forever in a nowhere town, you try to rise above inertia, but you only end up feeling useless. You're always feeling that way.
Super Trampoline · 1k words  ·  58  6 · 954 views

Top of the Feature Box Comedy:

TGee, Tempest, Why Are You So Tall?
Twilight's been meaning to ask.
Super Trampoline · 3.4k words  ·  533  64 · 7.8k views

Romantic Drama:

EThese Are the Days of Our Lives
When you've built your life around crusading, how do you live when the war's called off?
Super Trampoline · 1.6k words  ·  34  1 · 915 views


[Adult story embed hidden]

Psychonautic Adventure:

TTwilight Sparkle Smokes DMT
Humans don't have (as much) magic as ponies, so they get their psychedelic kicks in... other ways. Fluttershy's friend Tree Hugger has procured a substantial amount of one such way of getting one's kicks. Twilight's about to blast off.
Super Trampoline · 1.7k words  ·  22  7 · 763 views

And of course Surrealistic Drivel:

TTwilight Sparkle Drinks Tea
Twilight Sparkle drinks tea, but feels deeply uncomfortable. Then other things happen, including sun spots and thimbles. And ants.
Super Trampoline · 1k words  ·  16  9 · 465 views

I am open to any topic rated Everyone, Teen, or Mature, except torture/snuff or foalcon (aged up is fine.). I reserve the right to refuse a topic I don't feel comfortable writing, but that's unlikely to happen.


$8 per 1000 words, in 500 word increments. So a 2,500 word story will cost $20. I’ll probably write more than the minimum though; for example, if you commission me to write 8,000 words I’ll likely end up writing something like 8,273 words.

I want to emphasize that this is relatively cheap, based on my not very extensive research.


Send payment via PayPal to bchandleremail@gmail.com, and Private message me confirming the amount you sent (and thus the word count) along with what you want me to write. You can be as detailed or general as you want. If you want to discuss stuff ahead of time via PM before sending money that's fine too.


Stories under 5,000 words will be published 2+(#words/1000) days after I receive the money. So a 3,000 word story would be ready in 5 days.

Stories over 5,000 words long will be published in chapters at approximately 3,000 words per week. So a 12,000 word story would be released over the course of about 4 weeks.

Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are unsatisfied with the final result, I will tweak it until your happy or refund your money. PLEASE don't abuse this policy.

Commission Order

I have five slots, first come, first serve. I'll update this blog as necessary.

SLOT 1: DwarvishPony
SLOT 2: My friend Rachel
SLOT 3: destinyWalrus

Olden Bronie

SLOT 5: PuppetXMaster

Welp, that's about it. Now GO COMMISSION ME!!!

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