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Oh ffs formatting rules now? · 3:51pm Jul 11th, 2018

Welp, indicating a character talking using colors is now not allowed apparently. Definitely in the amount I'm using it in Management.

Well fuck me.

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Well, I can understand why. Ten percent of the population is colour-blind to some degree (unable to differentiate green and blue is most common) and light colours are difficult to see (especially yellow) for just about everyone. :twilightoops:

Look at it this way: Now your word count will go up as you add in all those “who spoke” tags (One said, Two said, Four murmured, etc.) :pinkiehappy:

Meh, right now I'm just tempted to write 'said the changeling' after every sentence of any dialogue and see how fast I can reach 1000 downvotes.

1000 something at least...

Now, now, don’t be like that. Relax. It’s actually easier to read when you use tags. And alternating dialogue doesn’t need tags except to occasionally clarify who’s talking.

It’s an interesting story so far, no need to make it self-implode.

Welp, the entire thing started because someone was completely lost in my dialogues, so yeah, I can't win this one :facehoof:

Eh, all it means anyway is that I'll have to edit the next few chapters a bit more, and maybe at some point find the desire to fix the older ones. This way your eyes won't bleed from Nine's red dialogue, so it's not all lost.

If someone lost track of the who was speaking, that merely means you didn’t use enough “speaking” tags. That’s an easy habit to fix. And don’t get in the trap of thinking you have to be creative with the thesaurus. Use the tags to indicate emotion as well. For example, “words, words, words” Two said ironically. “What do you mean?” Three said, aghast.

And so forth. It gets rather easy after a while. I find myself fixing up the tags when I read through my chapter the second time.

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