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    Hey everyone.

    So yeah, it's me. I'm done with just lurking around I suppose, and I came out to say that I'm awful at keeping promises.

    First off comes the obligatory "what happened/what is happening":
    So, remember the last blog post that I published almost a year ago now? Yea, things changed a whole lot since then.

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I'm back! · 2:09am Jul 9th, 2018

Hey everyone!

After I released the last chapter of Moving On, I distanced myself a little from writing. It was just too time-consuming, sometimes even stress-inducing, to keep on doing while I was busy with school & work, and I just had to take a break to sort out some stuff. I even neglected some other hobbies that I enjoy just as much as I do writing just to keep on pushing out chapter after chapter. Not saying that I had no fun in writing, it's just that it can be really tiring sometimes. So, I know it's been a long time and I'm sorry about that, but I'm finally back!
The next part is a little more in-depth about what happened in these past few months. It's about what I've been doing and some ideas that are floating around in my head that might be interesting. If you don't want to read that, and just know when the next chapter for Moving On is going to be released, just skip it. I won't judge you if you do!

In these past few months, I've been doing a lot of thinking. First and foremost, I've started writing a new story sometime in early January. I might have talked about this in an earlier blog post, but It's essentially a HiE story inspired by Fleeting Flames by Duelist96 but it's not really about true love. It's more about what I would call "false love". The first chapter is already finished and the second is quite close to being finished, but now I'm having second thoughts about the whole story. It just seems really...cheesy.
But, if you guys are interested in a story like that, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it.
Secondly, a Windows 10 Update (don't really know which one it was exactly)recently killed, for some stupid reason, my whole registry. I couldn't get my Windows to boot even after 10 hours of trying literally everything, including trying to access backups of my registry and all that shit. In the end, I had to completely format my HDD, install Windows anew and, after that, cry in a corner because of all the work that I've lost in doing so. I lost around 600 hours worth of code for games and various software I had written, but, more importantly, I lost a whole fuck-ton of art and story concepts.
Stupid fucking me, am I right?
Guys, make backups. Really, do it. And I don't mean the useless Windows 10 backup thing (shit didn't work either for me), I mean real backups. Make several copies of things you really don't want to risk losing. Buy one or two 32GB USB flash drives and throw those things on there.
That the second time something like that has happened to me in the span of two years. Really frustrating.

But, it wasn't all bad! At least that finally gave me a reason to buy an SDD to save my most important data on and, for some reason, motivated me to start coding and writing again!
Speaking of writing; I'm trying to get into it. I really am. It just feels kinda weird to write with emotions, feelings and all that shit in mind when all the writing you've been doing in the past 9 months or so was all about keeping it short and simple. Even this blog post is a struggle on its own for me. I'll try to get back into the flow of writing as soon as possible so you guys might enjoy my really bad writing again.

And lastly, I've been planning something that I had wanted to do for years, but to which just recently the opportunity presented itself. (Is that even English?)
I'm planning a six month Work & Travel through Australia! Yay!
Aaaaand I'm also visiting the USA for one week in early September! Yay!
No, honestly, visiting Australia and the US was always a big dream of mine. Aside from the fact that Australia lost a war to emus (No, I'm not kidding), and that I'm not quite agreeing with the politics in the USA (spoiled Germans, am I right?), they are really beautiful countries. And, with no more school and a nearly completed job training, I might finally be able to realize those dreams!
I don't know when exactly I'll be doing my little six-month trip through Australia, but it will be sometime next year, probably in early May. As for the US, I'm not quite sure where exactly I'll be going, but It'll be either California or Florida. If some of you are from the US, and got any suggestions on where I just have to go, please, do tell me.

Anyway, that's it for this way-too-long wall of text. Thank you for reading. :twilightsmile:

With all that out of the way; when's the next chapter going to come out?
The answer to that is that I really have no idea. It might be two weeks, it might be three. It might be a whole month, maaaaybe even two. It really depends on how quick I can get back into writing and what I want to write next. Currently, it feels like I gotta relearn every basic thing about writing I have learned over the past two years. But, I'll try to push through and release the next chapter as soon as possible.

So, yeah.


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Do not mean to rush, but...
French narrator voice: Four months later...

Haha, sorry.:twilightsheepish: A lot of my plans have changed since this blog post as you can probably tell. For one, I'm actually in Australia right now and have been for roughly one month. I'll try to get back to writing in the next days. One good thing is that my second story is basically finished and just needs some polishing before I release it sometime next week. Hopefully.
I can't promise anything. My work schedule is kinda unpredictable at times.
Anyways, have a good one.:twilightsmile:

And good luck in Australia.

Hey you, haven't forgotten about your old editor have you?! Good to hear from you since you dropped off the grid. And if your coming to California? You and I got to talk about meeting up! Also, I'm still on Discord, please hit me up because I'm down to get back to it.

No, I definitely haven't forgotten about you! How could I ever forget about my favourite editor?!
Anyways, silliness aside, I would have loved to actually meet you, but my plans have changed a lot since this blog post. I actually cancelled my America trip last minute and decided to go to Australia, where I am right now and will be for another year. And since I'm on a really spontaneous and weird working schedule, I can't really spend that much of my time writing or in this fandom, even though I would love to. The days that I do have free, I spend by either exploring my surroundings or just being away from the internet in general.
So yeah, I haven't forgotten about you. Just busy. I also don't have my PC with me for obvious reasons, so I didn't have Discord installed at all. Sorry if you messaged me there and I didn't respond. I'll be downloading it tomorrow and we can catch up!

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