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8-Minute Season 3 Spoiler Discussion · 11:07pm Oct 29th, 2012

((Those that refuse to watch the spoiler, more power to you, but I was told a certain night time pony might be in it, so I went ahead and watched it.))

My Thoughts:

1. There's an awful lot of stern-faced Luna going on there. Also, sort of glad to see her spoken lines are modernized now. :) Maybe, since this was about the same time as Nightmare Moon, we'll find out Sombre helped her turn to the dark side or something? While she is Celestia's opposite, she's pretty scowl-y throughout the scene. :(

2. If this "next level" of magic studies turns out to turn Twilight into an alicorn, I'm gonna flip my shit. All of it. This MAY hint at an over-arching plotline for the season, which is what Lauren Faust wanted for the show to begin with (even though she's not working on it as directly anymore) Celestia mentions that if Twilight succeeds in her mission for the Crystal Empire she'll be "That much closer to being ready." Hmm...

3. Luna is now "little sister" in canon. Dammit. :(

4. In the flashback they disentigrate Sombre DragonBall Z style, don't think I didn't see that, Hasbro! XD

5. Dark Celestia form, Jesus Christ. O_o

6. Much DARKER themes this time around, if I do say so. Perhaps the show is adapting to the brony community? I mean, ponies in chains, dark crystals, curses, and demonic unicorns? Wow. Also, in one of the other commercials, we see Rainbow Dash gearing up in some serious battle armor. I think Hasbro may be leaning just a liiiiittle bit to compensate for their unusual audience. This is a pretty complex plotline, out of the 8 minutes we recieved.

((.....P.S. #7 Twilight: It is time to join my brother and help him to defeat the enemies-- and face FULL. LIFE. CONSEQUENCES.))

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Comments ( 117 )

Nah! No! Don't watch it... c-can't.... watch, it!! :flutterrage: MUST RESIST :flutterrage:

I'll have to watch the season, but I don't think I like where they're taking Luna.

Fuck yeah. Royal Guard manes and voice acting.

Agreed, if she (Twilight) goes alicorn, it's total BS.

If this "next level" of magic studies turns out to turn Twilight into an alicorn, I'm gonna flip my shit. All of it. This MAY hint at an over-arching plotline for the season, which is what Lauren Faust wanted for the show to begin with (even though she's not working on it as directly anymore) Celestia mentions that if Twilight succeeds in her mission for the Crystal Empire she'll be "That much closer to being ready." Hmm...

This. SO MUCH this.

That's the one level of Jossing that might put a halt to my story. I might still keep doing it, I might not.

Damnit, I don't wanna spoil it, but I wanna watch it so bad:fluttershysad:

I think that there is going to be much needed new life with the black magic. Because as of right now is the only thing that are being used in the stories I read as evil elements the zebra brews, and it is always nice with some new ideas. So I look forward to it like a little pony that have heard that it are getting its long legs this Hearts Warming Eve

I refused to watch the whole thing but because I am weak I watched a random 5 second snippet of it and saw Evil Eyes Celestia :pinkiegasp:
Seriously can't wait for Season 3! :yay:

Can't watch it even if I wanted to. The video won't work for me

I watched it and enjoyed it. Though Luna was being kind of a bitch.

You just made it almost infinitely harder not to spoil season 3.

Fuck, Must... Not... Watch... :twilightangry2:

About number 2: it not only makes sense but ties into other hints too. When they leave the chamber you see Celestia and Luna with the sun and moon in the background, reflecting them as being the princess of the sun and Moon. Then you see twilight and the stars are in her background. Twilight, princess of the stars?

Plus, if you saw it, remember the one Hasbro poster where twilight was an alicorn? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pBePNR5xLi0/UH8V2g01zaI/AAAAAAAA8_4/KbJZLBRRvl0/s1600/A5VYKeXCAAAaOWb.jpg+large.jpg

I really wouldn't be surprised if Twilight is an alicorn by the end of Season 3 or beginning of Season 4. :trollestia:

give in to the spoilers.... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Oh, my. No kidding that they are introducing darker plot lines! Buck yeah!

*Cough, cough* G1.
Or that crazy tentacle thing that wanted to drown everything.
So it is more returning to their roots.

"she will be that much closer to being ready." i don't think she was talking about Twilight there. i think it was about Cadance. about being ready to rule.

*fell out of chair at dark form Celestia* D: Holyshit.

Wasn't this a little girls show? :trollestia: lol j/k

Celestia DOES say "next level of your studies" so I don't think we are getting any alicorny goodness (badness? I don't like the thought either. :pinkiesick:)

What is up with Luna? Isn't Twilight basically her first friend? Like, ever? (In canon anyway.) Maybe she is jelly of Celestia's attention of her?

Give in......:pinkiecrazy:

As a corrupted trio of files once said, this is not a sleek peak, this is TOURTURE!

You get 5 :moustache:'s for giving this information to me. I will kill you second-to-last. (I already said "I'll kill you last" like, 5 times. Sorry!)
Anyherp, :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:.

Wow... when I last saw the page I was gonna get first comment... Now I'm 22nd. Shtuff.

Yeah, if here's any alicorn Twilight in the show's future, there's going to be so much shit-flipping it will be impossible to accurately describe. No shit will be left unflipped. It will be like fusing togeather every IHOP in the world, but with rage insted of batter.

I reckon Luna is just pissed she isn't going to the crystal kingdom. Also, when Celestia spoke about 'being ready' I thought she was referring to Cadence, not Twilight.

I have to say, I am glad I saw this- I have spent the last few weeks terrified that I had built up MLP into something greater than it was, and that when season 3 came along it was glinting to be nothing more than a crappy girls cartoon. So relived that it is going to be good.

Edit- crazy Twilight returns! What the hell is that noise she makes when she first pops up, looking for her quills?

Spoilers not happening I'll wait for the episode to come out.:rainbowlaugh:

Luna seemed pissed off for some reason. And we finally they have another cool looking villain!
But, like usual, the ending is extremely predictable. Dark Lord rises, the heroes go on a quest to defeat him, yada yada yada, he's unbeatable, yada yada yada, all hope is lost, yada yada yada, but the heroes discover a secret magical object of power or a new character or some other deus ex machina type thing of thing, and boom bada bing the Dark Lord is defeated and everyone's happy. I swear, Tolkien did this years ago and they're still using it for every story line :facehoof:

Don't get me wrong, I'll still watch, and what Celestia said about Twilight "That much closer to being ready..." has me excited somewhat. Something in the future that will definitely be interesting.

FWIW, I wonder if Twilight is destined to be the Alicorn of Balance - Twilight being the meeting point of day and night, perhaps she is the one who is supposed to balance out the two extremes of light/day (Celestia) and dark/night (Luna).

I've occasionally said this in various comments but it deserves to be repeated here - Celestia is used to playing long games, century-long long games. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd been manipulating events to create another divine alicorn, to act as an arbiter between her and Luna, since before Nightmare Moon's rise.

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff- just realized I have to waitg till Sunday to watch it on youtube because I'm too fucking poor to get paid for TV.:twilightangry2::fluttercry:

I couldn't resist. Season 3 will be the shit.


If Twilight becomes an alicorn, that's gonna really ruin it for me. Probably drop the show like a hot potato.:ajbemused:

My reaction can be summed up thusly:


Neurotic Twi is still a thing.:twilightoops:
Spike is best soldier.
Vague Epic Transcendant destinies are now canon.
Black magic now canon.
...slavery now canon :unsuresweetie:
Party cannon is still a canon :pinkiehappy: :thatwasaterriblepun:
Overarching storylines omgyaysquee.

I ain't watchin that, ya hear! But I love the fact that they are out there for people who want to see them.... personally I would rather not even know there is going to be a crystal kingdom or a King Sombre, but it is pretty dang hard to avoid references to those...

Question to anybrony, Where are all these spoilers coming from? Are they Hasbro sanctioned or what?

Or or crazy though Twi could just get that much more powerful dose not mean she turns ALicorn i mean Sombre was a unicorn and it took 2 alicorns to only delay him not kill him

whats wrong with number 3?

Dancing Spike is amazing, though I wonder when he found the time to practice.
Yeoman, out

Getting kinda annoyed at all the 'no alicorn twilight' comments around here. Of course she isn't going to become an alicorn. It's a stupid idea, therefore it won't happen except maybe as the last episode of the last season, when all the adventures have concluded for good. Someone, I think it was Faust, or Tara, I can not remember, said that this series focuses on Twilight's journey as a student. Sounds like she is close to graduating, not ascending to godhood.

Also, fairly sure the one who will be ready is Cadance, especially since an earlier spoiler mentioned that the mane 6 have to find the crystal heart- and what is Cadance's cutiemark again? A crystal heart.

458754 I've just always thought of them as twins, is all. Just Luna was shorter. :rainbowlaugh:

458782 Well Luna is smaller (littler) and twins arnt born at the same time? so even then she can be the little sis and only be a minuet younger


But doesn't it say in the intro of the very first episode that Luna is the younger sister?

2. Princess Celestia may have been referring to Princess Cadance, implying that she will ascend to full alicornhood.

1. Luna's not pissed, she just doesn't think Twilight has what it takes. She is unimpressed.

2. Studio B can pull off Alicorn Twilight.

3. Only if we go by Celestia's 1000 year old recollection, which can't seem to count to 1000 correctly in the first place. My bet is that they haven't decided on a design for grown up Luna yet. She may just be further back in the frame, unless that's their horns touching.

6. I hope the show doesn't get darker. Its innocence is what made it so great.

Did Pinky Pie just say awesome?(at the end with the canon)

458636 Failed epically. :facehoof: WHY YOU PUT THIS UP AEGIS SHIELD!:flutterrage: WHY? WHY?????????

I personally dont mind if Twilight became an Alicorn, but if she did become an Alicorn Celestia will probably give her an option to stay Alicorn and rule with the sisters or stay a Unicorn in Ponyville, OR Twilight will become an Alicorn and change back later in the series, OR she will become an Alicorn and ask to be turned back. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png

I literally squealed when I saw this. I could never stop myself when spoilers are involved--I never care, I simply give in and watch them. And it was SO worth it. Celestia's eyes... holy crap, I had to stop that for a second to check it out. That was pretty cool.

Sombre... kind of looks like a bad Gary Stu OC--just add wings. I don't know, I just think he seems too cliche, just by his appearance alone. But otherwise, I'm totally excited. You're so awesome for sharing this. :scootangel:

luna confirmed as chessmaster.

Celestia gets to show of her magic in the intro to make up for the pathetic worf-effect-induced performance at the end of season 2.

Nightmare Flare still beats Dark Celestia in terms of looks

Also them darker themes. Definitly love them and I hope that continues on. (though if it does ... it might not bode too well for the 3rd episode (spoiler: too many pinkies))

and finally some speculation:

Twilight will become an alicorn or atleast learn alicorn / secret magic.

Wouldn't surprise me if Sombrero is the nightmare.

... also this teaser has put a lot of my worries to rest that I just gained from reading the episode names. If they keep it as awesome as there, it's going to be one hell of an epic season.


you are aware that luna had been confirmed as little sister in season 1 episode 2?
(on an unrelated note: I somehow never noticed that luna shows up in ponyville at the end of the episode)


quite frankly, after slapping wings on cadence I wouldn't put it past them to go with alicorn twilight.

If they did make her an alicorn it would just to defeat Sombre or something and there will be an option to stay and alicorn and rule with the sisters or stay a unicorn and live in ponyville. STOP HATIN THE SHOW, A TRUE FAN LOOKS OVER THE OVER THE TOP PARTS AND THE FORCED STORY ARCH'S

Waitwaitwaitwait ... did I hear right? 'My Dearest Twilight'? What happened there?!
Loved the look exchange between Rarity's "Oh dear ..." and Applejack's "I saw this coming."
.... I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticed this and if I am the only one ... then that's pretty sad. But, did anyone else notice that the 'Crystal Empire' in the hologram looked *a lot* like a certain .... sigh .... 'Crystal Tokyo'? (Forget it. I admit it. I'm pathetic)
'It must be you and you alone'? Yeah. I'm gonna take a wild guess here: This evil king gets 'cleansed' somehow and falls head over hooves for Twilight. Then declares that he will woo her, marry her, and make her 'Queen of the Crystal Empire'. Come on, the hint for this is totally in the lyrics of the song, 'My heart is pure ...'. Go ahead, tell me I'm seeing something that isn't there. Luna's all frowny because she totally knows this is what Celestia's got in mind and she doesn't approve.

Didn't watch the spoiler. I feel like I have tamed a wild beast

While I personally think a canon alicorn Twilight would be awesome, I also agree it seems likely that they were referring to Princess Cadence being ready. Could go either way, though...

Also, wow. Ponies in chains, vaporized kings... Oh, and curses. Curses shmurshes, huh? We've come along way from not believing in curses.

Also, oh holy WHAT Celestia. That... That scene where she... What was that. The green eyes and wriggly blackness and... Whoa, Princess. Bright magic-trance flashy eyes after, even. I think Celestia needs a vacation. :trollestia:

Quietly hoping for an alicorn Twilight, myself. Even if that isn't the case, Twilight Sparkle is still best pony. So awesome to see that song in its context. And that Pinkie Pie! That was an awesome usage of the Party Cannon. :pinkiegasp:

If Twilight becomes an alicorn, wouldn't that mean the show will end soon?

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