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    Please come with me

    Because you'll see

    There is no complication

    What was will be

    With you and me

    Eroded dedication

    Through all my flaws

    You know I'll cause

    Your living mind dilation

    We long for pause

    Simply because

    We loathe the indication

    Take each other

    A bit further

    Although we know we shouldn't

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    I'm so tired.
    I am so very, very tired.

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Moon · 3:26pm Jul 6th, 2018

'Neath lurid luminescence of a liquid lupine boon
Doth I whisper with the whippoorwills whilst crickets chirp and croon
Softly seeking slumber, swiftly slip to silence soon
In mellow melancholy mourning under midnight's moon.

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Comments ( 4 )

Ooooh nice Poem! Luna would like this one LOL!

I don't like poems, normally.

I really like this one, though.

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