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Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm good at writing.

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I'm a mad mare · 2:38pm Jul 2nd, 2018

I've done it, again, ladies and gentlemen! Once again, from the astounding mind of yours truly, Darkswirl brings you yet another fantastically planned fic that will never be finished!

Just kidding. I've actually gotten much better at writing and keeping myself disciplined enough to write; I've made leaps in learning how to write, taking advice from other friends/authors. My creative process has become much more refined and in depth, allowing me to better keep the story on track, realistic (within the universe), and as vibrantly colorful as I've always dreamed.

This does not come without some sacrifices, however: I've always left anything I create up for others to view. From what I regard as my worst stories (The Trotting Dead, Mein Kampf (IT WAS A PHASE, ALRIGHT?, S.C.P. Containment Breach: Operation - Equestrian Containment, Story of the Blanks: The Tale of Sunny Town, and The Origins of the Everfree Forest), to some of the best completed works I think I've ever written (To Kill A God, The Element of Loyalty, The Magic of Friendship, The Great and Powerful Failure, The Hands That Caress (My only foray even remotely into Comedy), and Power), a running theme with my works has been tugging at the heart strings - making the reader cry, cheer, and long for more. Sometimes I accomplished that goal, other times I fell flat on my face.

Unfortunately, it's time to leave my previous works behind, in a sense. Don't worry, I have made great strides to finishing The Story That Never Happened but, I'm sorry to say, that Darkswirl will be gone once that story is complete. I've held myself back for too long, focusing on the passion in my stories which often times led me to rush pacing just to get to the action. With new tools under my belt, and friends to encourage me on, I feel confident enough (for once in my life) to actually take the strides to write the lengthy, heart-wrenching stories I've always dreamed about.

Darkest Darkness, my pride and joy, is a story about coming to terms with who you are, forgiving yourself, and not letting your past hold you back. It's been Darkswirl's story ever since she was born, and I'm excited to actually begin working on it and not worry that I'll butcher her tale. Once The Story That Never Happened is finished (which will not be up to my new standards; I simply want to write out that plot so I can move on and not feel pressured to finish it), most of my efforts will be poured into telling Darkswirl's story. Unfortunately, this is a story I've always treasured, so it won't be available until it's finished.

On the other hand, however, I'm entranced by another idea: After rereading and catching up on thousands of fics I've tracked but never touched, I've found new passion in romance fics akin to Vinyl And Octavia: University Days and was sad to find that no other story quite got as in-depth as I wanted. Most OctaScratch/VinylTavi stories jump right into the action of having their relationship already formed, or rushing their forming relationship to the point where it seems unrealistic and boring. I, for one, have been searching for a fic that tells how Octavia and Vinyl started on uneasy terms, as per University Days, but gradually delved into friendship with even an inkling of a crush far off into the future. I want a story that focuses on them building that friendship, then watching with much glee as one of them develops a crush, until they're eventually both putty in each others hooves, but I want that story to take place over the span of several years, and I want the length to reflect that. These are their own ponies with their own lives, fears, dreams, and flaws. It will take them a long time to develop themselves, and their friendship will be tested, their relationship strained, and their lives stretched as they decide just what really matters to them into life, and how far they're willing to go to get it. I'm going to stop myself before I ramble on, any further (hopefully you understand the full scope of how I want this story to turn out)

Rather than blatantly ripping off FadeDawn's idea of University Days, however, my fic will be more of a mesh of all the brilliant traits and quirks I've seen in hundreds of other fics as I scoured for a story to fill my heart-ly needs. I can't really explain it without showing you, and I can't show you because I haven't even begun to write it. Just know it's coming.

If you've made it this far into my ramblings, then holy shit you must really be bored. I know I don't exactly have the best track record, but I've never stopped writing and toying with ideas in my head (even if they never got written down). I've always been a writer, at heart, and I feel it's time to show the world what I've learned. It's time to finally write a story I can be happy with.

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I mean, I was bored, but now I'm looking forward to this.

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