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Hi, Yes I'm Queen Quake, Wandering Sunrise, and Tread Lightly - I like Explosions, 40K, Ponies, Anime, and Explosions....that's about it. Check me out on YouTube just search Fiaura ;)

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  • Monday
    Science Videos Rolling Again!

    Well finally got this one out and have another one coming out tomorrow!

    Just thought all of you here would be interested in this one in particular!


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  • Wednesday
    Contest Time!

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  • 7 weeks
    Audio Reading Setup!!!

    So Invisi-Brony has set this up and wow did he do a great job.

    Check it out and give some feedback if you want it to continue or not.

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  • 16 weeks
    Pinkie Pie Takes the Wheel

    Pink bounces right up to your computer screen with an happy smile upon her face. "Hey umm... So Sunrise is gonna go for a Memory for a bit. Buttttt” Pink pauses to giggle and smiles directly at you, so cheery it's infectious. “How do you like the story? I mean I know you can't talk to me but maybe leave a comment about your favorite part so far. Also the part you hated the most." Pink winks and

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  • 18 weeks
    Editor Position Number 2

    Due to the fact that I output something like 30 pages a week and that is simply a whole lot for a single editor to deal with. I'm opening a second editor position with my stuff.
    Fiaura The Tank Girl is an LLC and this is license and paid work. You can use me as a reference employee as a freelancer if you so wish.

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As promised! · 12:04pm July 1st

I promised you a new story by this weekend and we have delivered! Have a happy Sunday and the rest of your weekend before the American 4th of July party.

Also let's see if we can make the feature box yet or not; I promised something special on YouTube Live Stream when I was doing the final edits on the screen not being recorded if we did. Yes I know it's an E rated story but hey you never know, you might enjoy it.

ELuna Wakes up to Marehood
Luna wakes up one morning to discover she might have more in common with Celestia than she ever thought possible.
Fiaura · 6.5k words  ·  193  20 · 2.8k views
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