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  • 184 weeks
    Thunder Chapter 5

    Hey guys chapter 5 of Thunder has been fixed and the full version is now published!

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  • 193 weeks
    Thunder (New Chapter)

    Hey guys! Sorry for the confusion from before. Here is the updated chapter!

    I also have an editor now! So go check out Rockstar Raccoon!

    Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!

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  • 197 weeks
    Thunder is Now Public!

    Hey guys Thunder is now released!

    Go check it out!

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  • 200 weeks
    Update on Thunder and King of the Everfree!

    Hey guys! Here is some info on both of the stories that will be coming out this October. For release date wise Thunder will be coming out at least 2 weeks from now, while King of the Everfree will be out either Halloween Eve or on Halloween.

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  • 202 weeks
    Two New Stories Coming in October!

    More info we'll be in another blog post either this week or next week. But for now here are the cover arts and the titles!!


    King of the Everfree

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Equestria Girls Battle of Gods Update · 9:02pm Jun 28th, 2018

Hey peeps! I know most of you are waiting for the new update for Equestria Girls: Battle of Gods and I am stating that I have not abandoned the story. The chapter is taking longer then expected so just bear with me! I'm focusing on summer classes for college and a summer job and also vacation so I have a lot of things on my schedule.

Don't fret! I'll try to get the chapter buy the latest mid July! I hope you all understand!

Comments ( 3 )

So excited! Cant wait!

Take your time man, I'll wait

I'll wait:pinkiehappy:

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