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Moth Plays Rogue Galaxy: Hunter's Log 0007 (Zerard) · 4:59am Jun 27th, 2018

Having repaired the Dorgenark, the crew continues on their way to Zerard to renew their galactic travel visa. Lilika, having never left her home planet, joins the landing party so she can see the sights.

This video...honestly? After the story cutscenes at the beginning (roughly the first quarter of the video or so), you can skip the rest, as it's just me wandering around Zerard opening treasure chests and talking to NPCs. Not very interesting unless you just want to see the game's environment and NPC natter.


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Oh I loved this game!

A bit hack and slash...but then so was “star ocean:til the end of time”

Speaking of which, SHAME on them for the cheap HD remake...a Remaster would’ve looked so much better,they just made star oceans graphics look sharp...which sadly is worse than the edge blurs ...they could’ve improved the overall character design visuals for PS4...Dot Hack GU certainly did and it was beautiful.So did Shadow of the Collosus.

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