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  • Today
    Equestria Girls Short "Twilight Under the Stars"

    So there's a lot to unpack here:

    - Sunset's party dress from Friendship Games returns.
    - In a quick background scene, Sunset is chatting up BOTH Flash Sentry AND Timber Spruce!
    - Twilight's new party dress is nice.
    - Human Pinkie still hasn't quite grasped "appropriate" party accessories, but at least she gets there in the end.

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  • Today
    Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1411!

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  • Thursday
    Splatoon 2

    I was already planning to pick up this game as soon as funds permitted, because missing out on the first one was my only regret for never owning a Wii U.

    Now I've actually PLAYED Splatoon 2 thanks to the Free Demo Weekend. And I want it even more.

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  • Thursday
    Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1410!

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  • Wednesday
    Why 90s Hip-Hop Will Always, ALWAYS Be Better Than Modern Hip-Hop

    Y'all kids don't know SHIT about flow.

    This shit right here? This shit is MAD flow.

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Moth Plays Rogue Galaxy: Hunter's Log 0006 (Juraika, Path to the Star God) · 5:35pm Jun 26th, 2018

The party catches up with Lilika and Miri just as the "Star God" reveals its true form: the beast that killed the sisters' mother and blinded Miri a long time ago.

(Note: Even if you don't normally watch these videos, you should really jump to 2:48 into this one for some silly randomness.)

(Also, click here if you just want to skip straight to the boss fight, which is arguably the most exciting part of this video. Should I maybe do that from now on?)

ProTip: If you want to catch some Insectors and finish out your hunting tallies on Juraika before leaving the planet, do it before you trigger the boss fight. I completely forgot that certain parts of this game move on REALLY fast rails, so I blew my chance to do some cleanup and now I can't hunt for bugs on Juraika OR finish my hunting tallies here until MUCH later in the game. >.>;;

Individer is one of the most obnoxious boss fights ever. It's not a hard boss, it's just that it's a tremendous damage sponge that takes FOREVER to kill.

Rogue Galaxy's boss fights are BRUTAL, did I mention?

Also, you might notice that Individer is heavily informed by the corrupted Boar God from Mononoke Hime.

So Lilika and her boobs have joined the party full-time. Next time, we move on to my absolute least favorite part of the game. Yay.


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Your singing voice isn't actually half bad.

It's better when I'm not dealing with Stuff.

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