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Learning a Little About Me #1 · 3:11pm Jun 26th, 2018

Note: Some of you may hate me immensely after reading this. You have been warned.

I am myself am a very strange individual, but then again, everyone is strange in comparison to at least one other person. I guess by that definition there is no normal in the world because even you are normal by every standard then you are the most normal person in the world which abnormal in and of itself.

The reason I say this is because when it comes My Little Pony, I have a few different views on the subject. First off, I am anti-gay, but will be a jerk and treat you wrongly because of it? No, absolutely not. I will however tell you my true feelings of the matter if you ask me. Also I generally don't like most people so there won't be much of a difference between how I treat a gay person and how I treat straight person.

So how can I be on a site that is mostly gay supporting? Don't deny it, you know it's true. MLP may not be a gay show besides the little hidden clues in it (e.g. Rainbows mane being the same pattern as the gay pride flag) but over sixty percent of the fandom is obviously gay or gay supporting. Yes, I have a problem with this, but I know that there is nothing that I could do to change that, plus this is a free use site. Something free will have bits of everything in it, no exceptions. So I don't let it bother me, and even enjoy many gay-supporting stories (e.g. Starlight Over Detrot, The Many Clones of Twilight Sparkle, Hard Reset etc.).

The Show
Now for a few of my feelings on mlp itself. I hate the show. I'm sorry but I have always hated the show. I refuse to watch it on the account that it's too childish for my taste. Yes, I find it childish and can't watch it for more than a few minutes. I did do what most people say and try watching a few episodes to get in the groove. It did nothing for me. I'm sorry, but I only enjoy the fandom. This is why if you ask me details about an episode or reference one, I'll only know what I learned from wiki.

Well now you know a few things about me that you may or may not have known. You can voice your opinion down below in the comments. If I lose you as a follower because of my views on these matters then I am sorry, because I'm not, nor am I ever, changing those views.

Professor Karma

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Comments ( 2 )

If you hate the show, but like the fandom, nothing's wrong with that. I used to be like that XD

As for the gay supporting part, there's many references to gayness in the show, but it's mostly what Hasbro calls " a stereotypical show " and honestly, I don't care what it is, I dislike gayness, even though I respect it. But if you don't, that's okay. Some people have hatred in their hearts for that stuff.

But yeah, I don't think less of you, Karma, don't worry. 😄

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