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Hello, I'm BodhiBRO, and I'm just some young man that loves many things, including MLP, and I hope to make MLP stories and make friends that love MLP like I do.

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Take A Bow ( Song ) · 1:58am Jun 26th, 2018

This is the lyrics to one of my 15 original songs for My Little Pony: Friendship Vs Evil. Hope you enjoy. 😄

Twilight Sparkle:

I have seen things I never seen before
But I'd love to see so much more
I've came down to set my adventure
And it keeps getting better and better

I've met others who I never knew
Others I was destined to meet
My destiny lies here, I'll see it through
There's many things I have to see

With my friends
I shall take a grandly bow


I was a young filly so clueless
But when I learned my destiny
I'm now full of truthfulness
My life doesn't feel so ghastly

Now I'm full of jewels and fashion
I will most certainly not be trashin
I'm glad to be here with my darlings
And I will take a wonderful bow


Equestria is our home
The lands beyond are vast
Happiness fills our souls
We'll be together from first to last

So why don't we take a bow!

Rainbow Dash:

I knew my destiny was huge
And it was bigger than I thought
Thanks to the Sonic Rainboom
I feel complete with what I sought

It's awesome and I will take a bow


My destiny is full of kindness
I used to sing for the cute critters
And I still do sing in the slightest
Sometimes though I am very bitter

But thanks to my friends
I feel welcome and I will take a bow


I ain't a slice of apple pie
Cause my life was simple before
But now my friends have really tried
To make me feel like I'm more

I will be with my friends
Till the end of time
And I'll shall take a bow


Our destinies lie
In our own hooves now
This is our time to shine
We shall take a grandly bow!

Pinkie Pie:

I'm all smiles and laughter
That's all my destiny needs to be
I'll always make my friends happier
It's the only thing that'll set us free

Making my friends smile everyday
That's all I can say
I shall take a proud bow


Don't forget about me
I have always been around
I'll always be here, you'll see
I would love to join you all in a bow!


Equestria is our home
Harmony will keep us together
Happiness fills our souls
Our lives just keep getting better

Everything will be just fine
Our friendship will never ever die
It's what keeps us alive
And we'll rise once more
See the world like never before
And our friendship will never be torn

So why don't we take a bow?
We shall take a grandly bow!

End of song.

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Comments ( 2 )

It would be much easier to form an opinion on if there was a tune to go along with it, but the lyrics are nice. :twilightsmile:

I have thought of music tunes to go with this song, and I'm thinking of a melancholy, yet epic tone of music, would fit for this really well. 😄

And I'm glad you like the lyrics, I tried my hardest at making them, especially for not being a songwriter at all lol XD 😊

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