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I am the bubbliest, most outgoing, extroverted introvert. I stare at the other person's shoes when I talk to them. If I had my own soundtrack, it would be Pomme de'Amour I by Rene Aubry.

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Music SIG Likes #77 - Brother Dege++ · 3:59am Jun 25th, 2018

More slide guitar and dobro goodness!

(Unknown - discotecnia ottanta)

How to Kill a Horse
(Not exactly new, but I have absolutely no idea how I missed this before...)

Partial to the Bitters

Country Come to Town

The Early Morn

The Shakedown

The Moon & the Scarecrow

Bastard's Blues

The Ballad of Ingo Swann

Partial to the Bitters, Pt. II

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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