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Moth Plays Rogue Galaxy: Hunter's Log 0003 (Juraika) · 3:44am Jun 23rd, 2018

With the Dorgenark being repaired after crash-landing on Juraika, the landing party searches the jungle for the Fire Fruit needed to make Booster Oil so that the ship can get moving again.

The biggest problem with Rogue Galaxy is that every exploration environment is about three times larger than it needs to be and the enemy encounter rate is stupidly high. In one hour, I should more than be able to get from the ship to the village. Nope! I'm not quite a third of the way there yet.


Also, in this episode we encounter Rogue Galaxy's infamously brutal Mimics. Level-5 just LOVES Mimics. If you watched my Dark Cloud 2 LP or have played Dark Cloud 2, you're familiar with the adorable little snappy-jawed fanged box monsters that scare the shit out of you but are easy to kill, and their slow-moving giant cousins that can knock you on your ass but are easily destroyed.

Yeah, Rogue Galaxy's done playing nice with Mimics.

THESE Mimics aren't cute little box monsters. THESE Mimics are huge, horrifying mutant beasts that spring unawares out of a treasure chest and MAUL YOU. Their attacks can stun you. They breathe fire. You can AND WILL end up with your entire party ON FIRE while dealing with a Mimic. They have ridiculously high HP. Expect SOMEONE in your party to die and need to be revived during the fight.

These Mimics...they're minibosses you weren't expecting, and when they happen to you, they HAPPEN to you.

Also, you'll notice that in Rogue Galaxy, the party levels up like a traditional RPG. Here, weapon growth is a function of (a) buying/finding/making better weapons and (b) fusing weapons in the weapon fusion system to make stronger weapons. They have fixed attack power (more or less) and far less variable stat growth than weapons in the Dark Cloud games. In short, they behave ALMOST like normal weapons from any RPG.

We've got a LONG way to go before we're ready to leave Juraika. Hopefully in the next video we'll meet a future party member!


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