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Moth Plays Rogue Galaxy: Hunter's Log 0002 (Rosa, Salgin to Juraika, Crash Site) · 3:33am Jun 22nd, 2018

Having been mistaken for Desert Claw, Jaster is invited to go on an adventure by a pair of colorful, bumbling space pirates.

Mark VIII Salamander is bullshit for a first boss battle. I'm sorry, it really is. There is NO EXCUSE for the first boss battle in the game to be that fucking complicated.

You may notice that outside of one obnoxiously long, hard boss fight and one insanely messed-up miniboss fight, there's no actual gameplay in this episode. Almost the entirety of this episode is story sequences.

Yeah. Rogue Galaxy has long story scenes, and even longer gameplay. It can and DOES take 3 hours to cover ONE MAP in this game. I mean, getting from the crash site to Burkaqua Village...I don't think I've ever managed it in a single gameplay session even.

To that end, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be cutting a lot of the exploration and random battles OUT of my Rogue Galaxy vlog. It's just too much, too long. There'll be SOME of the exploration and random battle footage, to be sure, but getting from point A to point B in this game is exhausting at times and I think for the sake of a cohesive, interesting LP series, I should trim most of the repetitive roaming and battling OUT.


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While I understand why you might want to cut out the long, boring, repetitive stuff, I actually really enjoy not just watching you play but also seeing and hearing the decisions you make as far as equipment and powering up your characters, which I think might also get cut doing so. (A lot of building up the weapons and the like got cut from the DC2 LP, for example.)

Perhaps you could take a page out of TFS Gaming's book. They have a #TFSGrinds for twitter that lets them answer questions and the like while they're grinding. Perhaps you could do something similar? Have a blog where we can post questions that you read and answer during the next LP video involving a lot of repetitive grinding or exploration?

Sure. Or, you could always just ask that stuff here/PM me. ^_^

And now I can't think of anything to ask.:twilightsheepish:

Ain't that always the way?

Anyway, to be perfectly honest? I don't have much to offer that you can't get off GameFAQs.

I meant questions about you, or just random questions to get your opinion on.

Ah. Well, if you think of anything, feel free to ask. :)

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