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My thoughts on the movie "The Incredibles 2" · 5:32pm Jun 19th, 2018

Okay I just came back from seeing it today and my only coherent thought is still:

My god I KNEW it was gonna be awesome af! Just--just wow! Also for those who have yet to see it; WARNING: THIS MOVIE CONTAINS A SCENE IN WICH FLASHING LIGHTS ARE PROJECTED. IF YOU SUFFER FROM LIGHT-SENSITIVITY OR EPILEPTIC SEIZURES, YOU ARE AT RISK!!! (thankfully this Phoenix doesn't suffer those kinds of seizures but I did feel a bit light-headed after that scene played out). This movie was worth the 14-year wait! GO SEE IT!!

Edit: I forgot to talk about the short film before the movie! It's called "Bao" and it is the CUTEST thing I've seen this year (also the most feels-y thing too)!

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I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't more of a time jump. When this flick was announced i was expecting JackJack to be Dash's age, and Violet to be in college.

That being said, I've heard that we're going to find out more about the villainsphere of this universe. Do we get an answer as to why on earth they took the black period where the Supers were out of action off? I mean, I get the Golden Age/Emmerging Silver Age metaphor, but in reality Villains do not take 16 years off for no reason.

Not exactly and for God's sake, I wish they did do a better time jump!

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