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Rogue Galaxy Abridged, Part IV · 4:56pm Jun 19th, 2018

Previous installment

Act XI: Super Saiyan Jaster Rogue


Seed Sucks At Giant Floating Tetris

The Dorgenark comes to a dead stop deep in space so the crew can safely discuss their plans. While Dorgenhutt is gloating over their victory over Valkog, Simon bursts in with terrible news:

Zegram has stolen the Key Pieces!

Of course, Zegram stupidly stole the Key Pieces while the Dorgenark was stopped dead in the middle of nowhere, so he can't exactly escape. Duel boss time!

Of course, Jaster can't actually beat Zegram, because it's an unwinnable boss battle, so they just play long enough for Zegram's escape skiff to arrive, and then he's off with the stolen key pieces.

But there's only one place he can be going with them: Rosa.

Cut to the desert ruins, where we find out that Zegram's motives for betrayal are pretty much exactly the same as Rosencaster's motives for the sick research he was doing: Daytron promised to bring Zegram's dead girlfriend back to life.

...oh wait, Burton came back to life. But that was ghost-related weirdness, not impossible science.

But Zegram is not as stupid as Rosencaster. He knew all along that he was being played for a fool. He just wanted to settle his issues with Valkog in person.

Valkog, being the coward he is, sends Seed in to finish Zegram off. But first, Seed wants to remove his mask since his face has finally finished forming. He does so...

...and what's this? He looks just like Jaster!! Well, except for the freaky hair and the pale skin.

And we get another duel boss! This time we the player fight as Zegram, and just like the previous battle, it's unwinnable, because Seed is pretty much invincible.

But once again, Zegram was just biding his time until Jaster and Kisala arrived, just like he knew they would.

The three begin fighting Seed atop the Great Tablet. As their battle rages on, the altars on the Tablet begin reacting to the presence of the Key Pieces. While Zegram and Kisala keep Seed busy, Jaster places the Key Pieces inside the altars. The whole thing starts glowing, and a giant Tetris puzzle appears in the sky above the ruins.

Valkog appears beside Jaster to explain that this puzzle is a seal on the gates of Eden, and only the one foretold by an ancient prophecy can solve the puzzle and open the path.

Valkog calls Seed forth to fulfill his "ultimate purpose", which Seed is only all too happy to do, as this very moment is what his entire existence has been leading up to, and is in his mind the only measure of his worth as a sentient being.

So when Seed completely and utterly fails to solve the puzzle, things go to shit really fast. Valkog berates Seed and calls him an abject failure. Seed collapses in shock, and begins pleading with Valkog, reminding him that he once called Seed special and a being that surpasses all others. Valkog contemptuously tells Seed he's worthless and unnecessary. Seed has a childish tantrum...and then completely fucking loses it. He transforms into a horrific giant monster!

Beast-Seed attacks the party. Halfway through the battle, a vicious blow from his lance lays Jaster flat on the surface of the tablet...

But then something awakens inside our hero, and he transforms into...A SUPER SAIYAN!!

It turns out that Seed was created from the data decoded from the first Tablet, which describes the exact genetic structure of the one being in the entire universe who could open the path to Eden. Daytron misinterpreted this as instructions, or a recipe if you will, and used it and their cutting-edge science to create an artificial human with the precise genetic structure encoded on the tablet: Seed.

But the tablet wasn't a recipe, it was a prophecy. And the ACTUAL Chosen One is, of course, Jaster. Seed realizes this as he falls to Super Saiyan Jaster's enraged onslaught, and reverts to his original form, chuckling at the irony of his existence as he lies broken on the ground. He has a shounen villain death scene at Jaster's feet.

With Seed dead, Super Saiyan Jaster turns his furious glare on Valkog, who freaks out and runs like a little bitch. Now that the asshole brigade is gone, it's time for Jaster to do what his clone couldn't: solve the giant Tetris puzzle and open the path to Eden.

Incidentally, he only gets to go Super Saiyan two more times again, one of which is during the final boss battle of the game. Which sucks, but what can you do?


Every single prerendered cutscene with the giant floating puzzle is UNBEARABLY awesome. Seriously.

I feel so sorry for Seed. In the end, he was just a disposable plaything that had no value whatsoever to the ones who created him.

Act XII: Surprisingly Ruin-Free Ruins


Labyrinth & Repeat

Zegram's life is spared and he rejoins the Dorgengoa Pirates. The team now heads down into the labyrinth Jaster opened up.

The labyrinth is as fascinating and breathtaking as it is dangerous, and is in no way a "ruin". We run into Burton again, of course, and deep inside the labyrinth, Kisala has another bad case of glowing transparent cramps. This time Jaster notices, and wonders if she even has the right kind of tampon for that sort of thing, to which she replies she's fine, and he should keep his nose out of her uterus.

Deeper within, we encounter a sentry robot. At first it appears benign, as it seems to recognize Kisala and bows to her, but then suddenly its eyes turn red and it attacks!

The battle against this sentry robot is the toughest battle yet, but the crew pulls through somehow. When the robot settles down, it opens up its chest and goes still, as though waiting for something.

Meanwhile, Mark sends what could very well be his final friendship letter, but he's interrupted by Starr walking in on Pocacchio. Starr is curious as to what Pocacchio's up to, and doesn't buy his excuse, but doesn't call him out on it either.

Further in, we find a room where the walls are full of glowing alien writing. Since nobody in the party can read it, they move on. However, Burton finds the room right after they leave it, and he IS able to read the ancient writings...and whatever they say, he's thoroughly shocked by them!

Near the end of the labyrinth, the party encounters a giant sand mushroom...crab...squid...thing. It's what stole the robot's heart circuit.

With the robot's heart circuit back, we learn that its name is Ragnar, and that it was specifically created to protect Kisala as an infant. We also learn for the first time in the game that Kisala is an orphan taken in by Dorgengoa (EXPLAINS A LOT), and that her true name is Princess Irieth of Mariglenn.

Yep, she's a princess from another galaxy, from the planet the people in this galaxy call "Eden"!

Ragnar can't tell Kisala why she was set adrift in another galaxy, so the only way for her to learn answers is to do what the Dorgengoa Pirates have been trying to do all along: go to Eden.

Ragnar gives Kisala the key that will open the path to Eden. At long last, we're finally going there!

As the party leaves Ragnar, Burton enters his chamber. He recognizes Ragnar from his research, and declares that he will not allow anyone to go to Eden. However, Ragnar sees Burton as an intruder and threat, and attacks him...

Could this truly be the end of Burton? God I hope so.

At the entrance to the labyrinth, Jaster and Kisala are just about to place the keyplate to open the gates to Eden, when First Mate Talking Cat shows up on a hoversled and tells them that Valkog's warship is attacking Salgin! It's rescue mission time!!

Valkog wants the keyplate, and will destroy Salgin to get it. Jaster feels that there's no hope but to give in, but Father Raul appears and tells Jaster that no matter what, Valkog MUST NOT be given the keyplate. Then, Raul uses an EMP to fuck Valkog's shit up. It forces Valkog to retreat, but it doesn't stop the Daytron ship from firing their big guns at him and killing him right in front of Jaster...

As Raul lays dying in Jaster's arms, he tells Jaster that he did in fact know his father, and gives him a mysterious pendant. (Don't mysterious pendants usually turn up at the very BEGINNING of a game?)

While Jaster is brooding and Kisala does an absolute shit job of trying to snap him out of it (FOR GOD'S SAKE, WOMAN, HIS ADOPTED FATHER JUST DIED!!), the pendant reveals a map of Rosa, pointing to the center of a desert Jaster knows to be devoid of anything interesting...


So this entire dungeon is a completely, 100% intact, technologically advanced labyrinth with all the lighting and glowy electronic screens full of prophetic writing still completely functional. In what way, shape, or form is the labyrinth a ruin? Yet every NPC you encounter throughout this part of the game INSISTS on calling the thing a ruin. That frankly bugs the blue smurf piss out of me.

Act XIII: Jaster, I Am Your Father, And This Is Your Mother


Jaster Is A Walking Cliche Storm

Back on the Dorgenark, we learn that Dorgenhutt tried to use the key to the path of Eden while Jaster was grieving, but it didn't work.

As the party approaches the gate leading from Salgin into the dangerous Kuje Desert, Zegram hypothesizes that the key didn't work because Jaster wasn't there. But before they can go back to try it, Desert Claw appears and informs them that he tampered with the gate to Eden so that the keyplate wouldn't open the path. In order to safely open the path to Eden, Jaster must first find "the truth" hidden in the sands of Kuje. He drops some very mysterious hints, and reveals that he's known all along Jaster was the descendant of the Star King.

As the party enters the desert, Mark sends a friendship letter to his father. Or tries to. His father doesn't seem to be there. Steve abruptly wakes up and wonders what Mark is doing there. Without explaining, Mark asks Steve to patch into the Factory, because he fears something may be wrong.

They witness Dr. Pocacchio being arrested for illegally storing the memories of his dead son in a droid. Mark, alarmed, begs Steve to delete him and every trace of his data. When Steve refuses, Mark forces the issue, disappearing completely forever. Pocacchio is left a broken man, but the authorities, with no evidence to use against him, leave him be.

No more friendship letters...

Right smack in the middle of the WORST FUCKING DESERT in the ARMPIT OF THE GALAXY, we run into Simon's bullshit family again. I'm sorry, but in WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE is it okay to drag a six-year-old girl through a desert that KILLS GROWN MEN?!

The desert is full of freaky and depressing illusions of death and pain and loss. These are all tests left behind, of course, and only by passing them can you reach Johannasburg, the illusory village of the phantom oasis.

Johannasburg is everything the rest of Rosa is not: green grass, pine trees, and windmills. It's also very, very quiet. Shortly after entering this impossibly idyllic, pastoral little town, we meet the elder, who escorts the party to his house for rest and conversation.

The elder seems to know a great deal about everything...and, at the same time, he knows nothing. He's never heard of the Star King, nor does the name "Desert Claw" mean anything to him. He does, however, recognize Jaster's birthmark. However, while he can recall having seen it on the face of someone who once lived in the village, he can't even recall that person's name. Since this old fart is useless, the crew begins interrogating the villagers.

In the house on the hill, the party encounters a transparent woman with the same birthmark as Jaster! Right off the bat, she challenges Jaster to a duel. Unfortunately, she didn't bring her Duel Monsters deck, so it's a deadly fight out in the garden. The woman is a tough opponent, able to create magical clones of herself and fire Kamehamehas like nobody's business, but halfway through the fight Jaster goes Super Saiyan. Even then, the mystery woman is still a difficult opponent, but with Jaster's Super Saiyan powers and the sword Desert Claw gave him, it's over pretty fast.

Back at the house on the hill, the woman, Johanna, begins a lengthy tale.

The village, Johannasburg (eh? eh?), is tens of thousands of years old. It was stricken by a fatal disease which was highly contagious, infected the entire town, was incurable, and would kill those infected within months. In order to prevent the deaths of the people she had grown to care for, Johanna, a descendant of the Star King, used her great powers to stop time in the village. With time stopped, the progression of the disease was halted, and so the village could continue to exist in peace. Johanna removed the villagers' memories of her and of the disease.

Incidentally, she's also Jaster's mother.

After Johanna drops this bombshell, she disappears and takes the village with her. Back out in the sand-blasted desert, Desert Claw approaches the party, and tells Jaster the other half of the story. He reveals that his real name is Mizel, and he's Jaster's father. Mizel nearly died when he got lost in the Kuje Desert, but Johanna found him and took him to the time-stopped village. He spent months there, and he and Johanna fell in love. Soon, they had conceived a child. Johanna decided to leave the village to have her baby, but doing so meant restarting time for herself, and not long after Jaster was born, she died from the plague. Mizel soon realized how special Jaster was, and decided to leave him with his best friend, Raul, to raise him while Mizel, as Desert Claw, traveled the galaxy to learn the whole legend of the Star King, so that he would best know how to guide Jaster into the realization of his true destiny.

Yeah, there's a LOT of holes in all that. But whatever.

So anyway, now that that's all out of the way, Mizel has made it so Jaster can finally go to Eden.


The scene at the gate to Kuje and the later scene in the desert after meeting Johanna are much funnier if you've already cleared the Hunter Rankings and gotten the Desert Claw outfit, and Jaster is wearing it at the time. Like father, like son!

Act XIV: Steppin' Out To Eden, Yea Brother


Stargates Never Go Anywhere Good

At the ruins, Jaster unlocks the path to Eden, and the labyrinth shoots a massive beam into space that creates a giant glowing stargate. As the crew prepares to venture forth into the unknown, Kisala calls Jaster up onto the deck to confess her nervous fears about going to Mariglenn.

After going through the stargate, the Dorgenark arrives at the indescribably beautiful, highly advanced planet Mariglenn. As soon as the Dorgenark is inside the atmosphere, the Royal Rainbow appears to guide them in.

But all is not as glorious as it seems! As the Dorgenark is descending, a massive THING that looks like a cross between Gamera, Lavos, and Sin drops from the sky, bringing with it a swarm of powerful monsters! Dorgenhutt gives the order to charge up "The Big Guns", the ship's double-barreled Wave Motion Cannon, to destroy the big beast. However, the smaller beasts are giving the ship such a pounding that it'll be destroyed before the Big Guns can fire. But then, an armada of drone fighters flies up from the surface and provides the Dorgenark cover fire! With the Big Guns charged, Dorgenhutt gives the order to fire, and the Dorgenark obliterates the megabeast, causing the rest of the swarm to retreat. With the skies clear, the Dorgenark docks at the palatial center of Mariglenn's capitol city. Here, we meet Kisala's mother, the queen of Mariglenn. Dorgenhutt displays his absolute and utter lack of respect and manners by interrogating the queen about the great treasure of Eden, the "Eternal Soul". Upon realizing that Dorgenutt raised Kisala all these years, the queen says that the Dorgengoa crew can have whatever treasures Mariglenn has to offer...but the Eternal Soul is not within her power to give, because it is in the possession of one known simply as "Mother".

This is where things get weird.

Mariglenn was once part of the Wilherser system, the same system of planets the entire game has occurred in up to this point. Mariglenn was the most technologically advanced planet in the system, but their fate was sealed when the force called Rune appeared.

Rune is the source of all monsters: an energy that brings life to the lifeless, but in the process corrupts it, turning it mindless and evil. The source of Rune is the being called Mother. Mother is somewhere halfway between Galactus and Lavos: she appears on a planet, uses Rune to strip it bare until all life is destroyed, then moves on to the next planet with life to repeat the process. Mother's ultimate intent is to destroy the entire galaxy. To prevent this, the queen of Mariglenn used all her power and technology to seal the entire planet in a rift in time and space, a pocket universe which Mother cannot escape from, and which forever cut Mariglenn off from the rest of the galaxy. The only being who can stop Mother once and for all is the descendant of the Star King: i.e., Jaster. Kisala was placed in the care of the robot Ragnar so that she could live a life free of the burden of Mother's oppressive control over Mariglenn.

So yeah, it's time to save the universe from a planet-killing evil god. No big!

But first we have to get through the forest of trials outside the palace. Because what good's a palace without a forest of trials?

At the clearing at the end of the forest, we encounter Kisala's father, King Albioth, who lost his life in battle against Mother and was transformed into a Beast. However, his will remains strong enough to counter the evil influence of Rune, and he is able to retain human form to speak to Kisala. Albioth tells us that there is no weapon in existence which can harm Mother, and even if there were, Mother is immortal. There is no hope of winning.

Except, one, of course. Albioth tells that there is a way to create a weapon from "Drigellum energy", which can destroy Mother if it pierces her heart. However, before he is able to tell the party how to obtain Drigellum, Mother intervenes and overshadows his will, turning him into a mindless servant. The party is forced to vanquish Albioth, and it turns out that THIS is the "trial" Kisala was supposed to endure: bringing her father's suffering to an end.

Once Albioth is vanquished, he is finally able to explain that "Drigellum" is energy that exists within a person's heart, and can only be obtained by facing and overcoming a great personal trial. A trial of the heart. As he dies, he bestows upon Kisala the Drigellum of Kindness.

Yep, that's right: we're after Escudo and the Elements of Harmony, rolled up into one!


One of the main criticisms of this game is the excessive size of some of the environments. Large environments to roam around in are usually a wonderful thing in RPGs, but if there's just a lot of wasted space somewhere that has no enemies, no treasure chests, and no NPCs, it can start to feel like maybe there IS too much runaround room in the game. The most egregious evidence for this is in this part of the game: the RIDICULOUSLY LONG and completely barren walkway from the palace to the Ti'atha Forest. It takes about five minutes at full run to cross, and there is absolutely NOTHING ON IT. There's absolutely no point to it. The only real point to its length is to allow you to gaze around at the admittedly impressive scenery of Mariglenn, and appreciate the scale of the place and the attention to detail Level-5 so lovingly crafts.

Still, it's a REALLY FUCKING LONG ROAD to have nothing whatsoever on it.

Act XV: The Escudo of Harmony


Fetch Questing Is Magic

In the mystical and otherworldly Gulza Sanctuary, each of the remaining seven members of the party face a trial of the heart to obtain their Escudo Element of Harmony Drigellum:

- Jaster witnesses a vision of Raul and his childhood self. They sit on a dune looking up at the stars and talk about dreams. Jaster remembers that his childhood dream wasn't just go to into space, but to travel the galaxy and find ways to make life better for all the people he would meet. With the grand dream of his heart reawakened, Jaster obtains the Drigellum of Dreams.

- Deego encounters Gale's spirit one final time, and learns that Gale died at peace with himself, having regained what he'd lost along the way. With this burden lifted from his heart, Deego obtains the Drigellum of Friendship.

- Simon witnesses a vision of his family waiting for him to come home. He recalls the accident that destroyed his face, and his reasons for not wanting to go home: his pride wouldn't allow him to let his family see him the way he is, and he was terrified that they'd be disgusted by his scarred, disfigured face. The vision of Miyoko tells him that they don't care what he looks like (which is good because Sho was kinda ugly to begin with), and they just want him to come home. Sho vows to himself that he WILL return to his family once they've defeated Mother. His vow to swallow his pride for the sake of his family becomes the Drigellum of Compassion.

Halfway through collecting the Drigellums, Mother realizes what's going on and tries to stop the party, stealing the four Drigellums already obtained and attacking! Her onslaught is tremendous, but just as things look their worst...

Ragnar and, incredibly, BURTON pull a Big Damn Heroes moment!! Ragnar creates a barrier that drives Mother out the Gulza Sanctuary, leaving the Drigellums behind. Now, the party is free to continue fetch-questing:

- Lilika witnesses the day her mother was killed and her sister blinded by the Individer. Her entire life, she has blocked out the true memory of that day: that she was so petrified with fear she didn't even TRY to save her sister. Faced with this memory of her own paralyzing fear, she weeps. Her mother's spirit appears to tell her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, and that she has become a great and courageous warrior who has the strength to protect many lives. Accepting that she was once afraid but is now brave enough to face any battle, Lilika obtains the Drigellum of Courage.

- Jupis discovers that the "accident" in which his assistant Tony destroyed his research was no accident. Tony knew that there was a critical flaw in the device Jupis had created, but Jupis simply would not listen. Fearing that a public test of the device in its present form would end in fatalities and cause Jupis to abandon his research out of despair, Tony did the only thing he could think of to do to save his colleague's reputation and pride as a scientist. Jupis realizes that his pride kept him from admitting Tony was right about the flaw. Discovering what true pride really is, Jupis obtains the Drigellum of Pride.

- Steve witnesses a vision of Dr. Pocacchio building an android body in the shape of a small human boy. Mark appears before him and explains that Steve's desire has always been to be a human like Mark, and that Dr. Pocacchio shared this desire, and set out to build a new, more human body for Steve. Steve then obtains the Drigellum of Desire.

- Zegram is taken back to the day when Jane, the only woman he's ever loved, was killed by a beast while protecting an old man. He had never told her how deeply he loved her, and the pain and bitterness of her loss has hardened his heart. However, Jane appears before him and he is finally able to express his feelings. Jane tells him he will be able to love again, and the release of this terrible old pain transforms into the Drigellum of Love.

After this long fetch quest is over, Yuvan combines all our powers into Captain Planet a sword and we go on into Mother's Lair to finish the main game.


Isn't it awfully convenient that there are exactly as many branching paths in the Sanctuary as there are party members who need to obtain Drigellums?

Gulza Sanctuary has one of the most beautiful background themes of any dungeon in any RPG I've ever played. Nishiura is an absolute genius.

The Drigellums can be obtained in any order, but since they come in the seven colors of the rainbow, that's the order I listed them in.

ACT XVI: Endgame


Level-5's Double-Fisted Fuck-You

With the sword made from the Elements of Harmony in hand, the party sets out for Mother's lair, which is deep in the core of Mariglenn, meaning the final dungeon is a labyrinth of magma-filled volcanic caverns.

At the Core, the party encounters a massive lake of pulsating, disgusting Rune. Mother, now a massive Queen Alien lookalike, emerges from the Rune. It's time for the ultimate battle!!

Once the Queen Alien form is defeated, Mother transforms into her true form. Mother gloats about how she's the ultimate being in the galaxy and cannot be defeated. Jaster goes Super Saiyan, and Mother freaks out.

Jaster has done more than just go Super Saiyan, though. The spirit of the Star King speaks through him, and calls Mother by her True Name, Ilzarbella. We learn the truth: Mother isn't the SOURCE of Rune, she's just its very first victim. Patient Zero, if you will. With the Star King lending Jaster his power, Ilzarbella falls in a pitifully short amount of time, and peace is restored to the galaxy...

...except that suddenly, Valkog's warship descends into the core of Mariglenn! Valkog has come seeking the source of Rune...and he's found more than he ever bargained for! The Rune, now without a living will to act through, draws the Daytron ship down into its vast pit. The Rune churns, and a massive explosion occurs. The Dorgengoa gang run for their lives...

Behind them, a volcano explodes, revealing their worst nightmares made flesh. Valkog, Norma, Izel, and their warship are fused with the Rune, becoming the ultimate destructive power in the universe...the Demon Battleship.

The party despairs: the Drigellum sword was lost in the battle with Mother, and it doesn't seem there is any possible way to destroy what Valkog has wrought. Queen Freidias appears and gives Kisala the final Drigellum, the Drigellum of Prayer, forged from the prayers of every person on Mariglenn. Jaster receives the Drigellum, goes Super Saiyan again, and transforms the Drigellum into one truly ENORMOUS energy sword.

Each member of the party attacks a different area of the Demon Battleship's defenses, weakening it enough for Jaster to finish off its core: Valkog himself.

When the final blow is struck, the ship breaks apart and falls back to the ground with a tremendous crash. As Valkog dies, the ship's engine explodes, forcing the party to run for their lives, their prospects of escape grim. As they run, the ground beneath them crumbles and fiery debris rains from the sky. Just as escape seems plausible, the road ahead of them crumbles away into the lava! Floating on a chunk of rock in a river of lava, death seems imminent, when the Dorgenark plunges in from above to rescue them! With everyone safely aboard, the Dorgenark gets the hell out of dodge, even as raining debris and erupting balls of magma buffet the ship. The ship's taking a pounding, and it seems like it might not escape the massive eruption at the core, when suddenly it sprouts massive, angelic wings of light! The angel-winged ship flies into a sky which turns from the ominous red-black they've come to know to a beautiful, glorious, clear blue. Below, the Rune begins disappearing entirely. Mariglenn's long nightmare is over. The galaxy is, at long last, at peace.

Dorgenhutt realizes that Kisala, safe and happy, is worth more than all the treasure in the universe.

At the spaceport on Mariglenn, Kisala bids a tearful farewell to her mother.

After the Dorgenark leaves Mariglenn, the planet returns to its rightful place in the Wilherser galaxy, completely restored to its former glory. Because Mariglenn was sealed in a space/time pocket universe for ten thousand years, it's a planet out of timeā€”so when the Dorgenark turns back around and lands back on the planet they just left, ten thousand years have passed there, and the people have awaited the return of their Queen, Kisala, for ten millenia.

Kisala shocks everyone when she agrees to remain as Mariglenn's queen. Dorgenhutt and Jaster argue with her, trying to persuade her to remain on the Dorgenark, but she insists on remaining behind as queen. Dorgenhutt and Jaster leave, dejected.

Time passes...

The members of the pirate crew are slowly leaving the ship, returning to where they call home. Jaster remains, in hopes that Kisala will come back, but knows one day he too must return to a now-free Rosa.

On Zerard, Sho returns to his family, Steve returns to Dr. Pocacchio, and Jupis returns to his research.

On Juraika, Lilika returns to her village.

On Vedan, Deego returns to Angela.

Jaster, Zegram and Toady remain on the Dorgenark.

And on Mariglenn, the people hail their new Queen...

But Dorgenhutt vows that he, Jaster, and Zegram are going to go back to Mariglenn and take back "their ultimate treasure"...



And thus concludes the long, long, LOOOOOONG story of Rogue Galaxy. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and almost as much as I enjoyed playing the game. If you've never played this game, I urge you to track it down for yourself and give it a try!

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Comments ( 2 )

But the tablet wasn't a recipe, it was a prophecy.

Because all the best prophecies are written in genetic code. "And yea, as the prophets of old said, GATTCGTAGAACTGAGT."

So, between the princess of Mariglean and the descendant of the Star King, the party literally has a princess and a prince.

I'd ask why Mother wanted to scour all life from the galaxy, but the game actually does explain that. She's as crazy as anything else hopped up on Rune.

And that boss marathon... Yikes.

Thanks for the synopsis. I usually don't have time to watch your gameplay videos, so this was a hilarious and quite enjoyable chance to learn about a game I'd never heard of before now.

This has been a wild ride, I just love the way you describe things. The sections titles were especially hilarious. Though for some reason my brain kept parsing "Jaster" as "Jester" and now I want to see him in that outfit.

I'll have to see about picking up a copy of this and it does sound like the sort of RPG I'd like to play.

Incidentally, he only gets to go Super Saiyan two more times again, one of which is during the final boss battle of the game. Which sucks, but what can you do?

So you count to two separate times in the final set of marathon boss fights as one time?

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