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  • 3 weeks

    The story Just A Joke was in bad taste and I apologise. I've deleted it. It was dumb catharsis cranked out in a few minutes with no forethought. If rather not have my last thing here be something out of spite.
    Apologies again.

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  • 3 weeks
    I'm Done

    Been dealing with a lot of stuff I won't go into, hadn't seen Fimfic in a long while. Came back to find an alarming number of people promoting nazi ideals, fetishising victims of the holocaust, and mocking the deceased. Well, I hope the edgy humour and porn was worth the 85,000,000+ victims of a global tragedy, Fimfic.

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  • 11 weeks
    Once More, With Feeling

    As of right now, I'm going back to writing. I've written nothing while I've been off grieving and sorting out things in my personal life and finally, after so so long, the fire to write is back - or at least a few embers. I'm gonna try to write more of the next SDR chapter as soon as I post this blog post, but chances are I'll be writing unrelated stuff while I get the drive back.

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  • 19 weeks
    It's been quite some time... [UPDATED]

    ...so I’m gonna hurry production some on the next chapter. I haven’t worked on it as much as I would prefer I did, which is unfortunate. Gonna get it worked on good though, it’s a thing to do with quarantine being a thing.


    A couple weeks later. A very close friend died. Been grieving. Updates idk when. Story will be on hiatus after the next chapter while I sort things out irl.

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  • 28 weeks

    Whoops it’s been ages since last chapter~
    I’m hoping the next one should be done by next weekend, but we’ll see. After the next one is chapter 50 not counting the bonus chapter by Darkest Dreams, and will be the end of the first major arc of the story. It’s pretty exciting~!

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"Thanks, Life, You've Done Me So Many Favours, Buddy." | Let's Talk About Blogs · 3:56am Jun 19th, 2018

I went on a purging spree to delete old and/or crappy blog posts, so a lot of the eldest posts are lost to the void now. All but maybe two or three of the blog posts made around the time I started SDR have been kept because dammit my own stupidity is amusing to me. I’ve realised just how much life has slowed me down with writing (I wrote eight chapters in a month last year holy shins). This was especially clear when I realised there hasn’t been a new magic circle in SDR for over a year.


I’m happy to say we’re near the point where- [THIS BLOG HAS BEEN CENSORED BY THE SPOILER POLICE], so (assuming I keep this rebuilding groove for writing and life funs off) things will be fun real soon! Unless you think it’s fun already, in which case moreso.

With that super-long-and-detailed paragraph done, I wanna take a moment to shout out Darkest Dreams, the guy’s awesome! It’s way more fun to shout into the void when the void shouts back, you’re the best stalker a guy could ask for! Way back when (in the comments of a blog, woo thematic) I said I’d make you an avatar as soon as you decided what you wanted it to be, that offer is still on the table! :twilightsmile:

Kufn is a character I love the design of (totally gonna draw him at some point) and love the potential for. He’s actually based off a Redguard skirmisher character I had in Skyrim at one point named Renwind; a happy-go-lucky, scimitar-wielding mercenary with every tiny piece of experience and perk put into swordsmanship. Both are professional killers, both love what they do, and both are dudes of high spirit.

Backpedaling slightly, I’d like to get into the habit of drawing moments in the story (and having said moments in the chapters they’re in). A good example of this is chapter [THIS BLOG HAS BEEN CENSORED BY THE CENSOR POLICE AND DEFINITELY NOT MY INABILITY TO REMEMBER THE CHAPTER NAME OR BE NOT-LAZY ENOUGH TO GO CHECK]. The picture of Cloud resting his head on the table. I’d like to do more stuff like that, but on a larger, better scale. Actually, a better example would be ‘Met a Fly With a Buzz’, the chapter with the picture of Mawr and Cloud in the desert. In fact, I started work on a picture for the most recent chapter ‘Shores of The West’ (Cloud looking at the town hall/clock tower), until I realised I can’t draw buildings. That’s a skill I’ve gotta work on.

Oh shiz-nizz, I just thought of a great idea for a picture I need to draw. This concludes the blog because holy sailboats I love this idea!

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Comments ( 3 )

Huh. That Darkest Dreams fellow seems like a creep. I’d file a restraining order.
Woo! I’m officially superfan number 1!

Ps. Well done for the Python reference.

Yup, I've started watching Monty Python's Flying Circus (currently on Netflix, woo!). Expect a few stranger jokes here there...

If I feel I have to slap your three buttocks with a large wet fish because I’ve paid for a five minute argument over a dead parrot and a distinct lack of cheese, I will.

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