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Signal Boost: Shrinky Could Really Use Some Helping Hooves · 7:36am Jun 18th, 2018

Hey folks. I came upon this in my feed. Shrinky is a wonderful author I personally have followed since joining the fandom. Apparently he's hit on a major snag in his life. Even well wishes commented on his blog would be welcome, but if you can help, read on below.

Passing the Hat· 4:50pm

Short version: My mother died last Sunday, and part of the fallout from that is my brother's benefits being rescheduled to the end of the month, instead of the beginning.

Which is effectively being docked a month's pay out of the household income.

Which is a very big gap to have to fill, so I'm really hoping that people might be willing to kick in a little bit here and there to help make that stretch a little smaller.


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