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Happy Father's Day! · 3:24am Jun 18th, 2018

Not much, but here's a couple of things.

Curly Kale needed a one-on-one pic with his dad like his siblings have. And he had to do the party-blower nose tickle thing that said dad's big brother did when they were small. And I might just be imagining Tomato baby-talking Curly and it is hilarious.

In years before Bell Pepper was born, or even before he was married, Tomato would sometimes wonder what he'd be like as a father. It was usually some tossup between being like his workaholic father or demanding mother, with just a couple of kids that he'd want quiet and out of the way all the time. It certainly never crossed his mind that he'd have six foals who'd swarm him when he came home from work, talking about their days and showing him good grades, drawings, or whatever animal of the week that one kid picked up--and that he'd enjoy it.

You know what stinks? I want to do "one-on-one with each kid" for Cheese and Pinkie... but it always slips out of mind. Seriously, I oughta do that thing for them--it's still my favorite ship among canon ponies, you know. So, I better find some scrap paper and get to it!

...might take a little bit, though.

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Comments ( 3 )

Aw~ :heart:

One-on-ones for Cheese and Pinkie sound cool!

Sometimes the best lesson your parents can teach you is what not to do with your own kids. It doesn't mean they're bad parents, just that they aren't perfect. The Sandwich brothers understand better than many, since they had so many counterexamples to learn from.

Man I love that picture of Tomato being piled on by his foals.

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