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Why Disclaimers are Useful: The Prologue for Tempest Shadow's Story takes longer..... · 6:24pm Jun 17th, 2018

[...] as long as no further disasters happens that make writing impossible for me, you can expect the release of the story sometime next week!

This? It's living proof that I'm good at predicting things. Long story short, drama happened and it came quick, unexpected and shitty. Literally on the day I started writing the prologue, too, just a few hours after I finished writing for the day. The universe really has a sense for humor, isn't it? What makes it worse this time, it was my own fault, too, for making a bad decision and reading something I shouldn't have read.
I spent three whole days forgetting it by distracting me with random stuff in the hopes to suppress the memory, which luckily worked out (turns out scientists are right when they say you can consciously forget something), but it led to no writing during these three days.
I did make more progress yesterday and today by pushing myself to finally write again really hard, so it hasn't been a totally lethargic week, but as it stands, the prologue is not finished yet due to circumstances.
At this point, I'm almost ready to ask you to stop waiting (no, please don't do that) cause nasty stuff keeps getting in the way of my announced release dates.

The prologue is half-way finished. I don't give any estimation or new release date at all this time, not even a rough one, cause the universe and fate are always listening and they are both bitches.
But expect it soon.....ish. And expect an announcement once the prologue is written and sealed.

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I read your posts on this matter and I'm looking forward to seeing what you came up with. :ajbemused:

If you feel a need to talk and would like to, by all means, come to me. I'm a good listener.

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