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    Extremely Important Announcement...

    I'm just going to keep this as simple as possible. After January 2nd, I will be on an indefinite hiatus to deal with some personal demons. I'm not sure exactly how long this will last but rest assured, I do plan to be back whenever I'm done.

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    Coming Soon...

    For those wondering, I'm still here and I'm still writing stories. Just with work, art commissions, and the holiday season, the stories have slowed to a crawl. But fear not, Saturday will be the release of the next chapter of Home For The Holidays. So get ready for more magical baby hijinks later this week.

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    Kinda Strange...

    Tonight at midnight EST, I'll be on twitch streaming Life Is Strange. I'll be doing a "Max Is A B*tch" stream, which is all the choices that make Max seem like an ass. Check it out at www.twitch.tv/pabrony83

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    Dear Google...

    When placing random ads before videos on YouTube, please keep in mind that an ad is NOT five minutes long. An ad is normally fifteen seconds to two minutes at the most.

    Thank you.

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    Oh, Yeah...

    I also forgot to mention in my last post that the newest installment of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles is now up and ready for the viewing. Enjoy.

    THome For The Holidays
    Sunset and Twi head to Equestria with the twins.
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Sunday Sneak Peek #2... · 2:53pm Jun 17th, 2018

Well, here we are for the second preview of upcoming material. Like last time, there are no solid dates as to when these are going to be released. So with that being said let's start with an oldie that's been hanging on the back burner for almost seven months. From chapter six of My Little Voyager:

"Oh. We're in a ship that flies through space but right now it's not flying because the people here, that are really super nice  by the way, are looking for the people we found in Equestria that are like family to them because they've been together a really long time and they're trying to get home like we're trying to get home but not like us because they live in this dimension and we don't, so it's not completely the same but it kinda is," Pinkie explained before running out of breath.

The Voyager crew members stared in disbelief as the pink pony took a deep breath, seemingly preparing for another extended explanation. However, before she could begin again an orange hoof covered her muzzle.

"Ah think she gets th' idea, Pinkie," said Applejack. "Sorry 'bout that, folks."

"Does she do that all the time?" Neelix inquired from the kitchen.

"Only when she gets, um, really excited," Fluttershy squeaked out.

"So is anypony else here or is it just the four of us?" Rainbow asked.

Next is another glance at chapter two of Spring Has Sprung:

“No. I can't believe how crooked you… bastards are,” Glacier said as anger slowly began to replace the panic and fear he felt earlier. “I've been getting abused my entire life by my asshole father. I've tried having him arrested for it but you all said I needed evidence. Now I finally stick up for myself and I'm the one who gets arrested.”

Windstorm paused to look at Glacier and respond to his rant. “Listen, Mr. Spring. Your father didn't call us. Someone else did. When we arrived at the scene, your father was still unconscious and bleeding from the nose and mouth.”

Glacier pursed his lips, took a deep breath and lit into Windstorm with another verbal tirade. “So you assholes will believe some drunk motherfucker when he wakes up in the emergency room. You looked at me square in the face at Soarin’s house and didn't ask one question about where I got my black eye, the bruise on my left cheek and swollen lip. What in the literal fuck?”

And now for something that may seem VERY familiar to a lot of you. Inspired by the recent rewrite of Dark Sunset, I am currently reworking It's Time To Leave to not only fix the errors but add more depth to the story. Like Dark Sunset and Rainbow's Rave, I am leaving the original intact as a bonus chapter. There will be a new seventh chapter added to it to plant the seeds to the romance portion of the series . But since the new chapter hasn't been started here's a rewritten portion of chapter two:

"Spare me your pity, Twilight. You are the reason why they've treated me like they have," I ranted as tears continued to flow like rivers down my cheeks. "I probably would have been better off on my own after the Fall Formal.”


“Because you told them it was okay to treat me like the dirt you walk on, just before you left."

"What? I never-" she started before being interrupted again.

“I saw you six huddled together talking about me when Vice-principal Luna handed me the mortar trowel.”

“Sunset, we weren't talking about you.”

So that's what's coming in the near future in fimfiction. I'm curious to know who you would like to see in the next Forza design.

So vote here for the car.

And vote here for the character.

Winning combo will be announced in a future blog

Peace out everypony!

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Ooh! New sneak peeks! That It's Time to Leave snippet was interesting! And I also voted on your strawpolls!


Whoa, those are verrry short sneak peaks :trollestia:

Still, looking forward for the My Little Voyager :twilightsmile: update

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