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"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series

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Upcoming story · 3:22am Jun 17th, 2018

Sorry for the lack of chapters on my stories lately. I know that War of 1002 fans really want another chapter, and yes, I want to give it to you. I have 3,200 words written at the moment.

I haven't been idle, though. I've been working on a new story, and unlike the one where I was going to recreate Animator Vs. Animation (which stands, right now, as an uncompleted one shot), I've actually completed chapters for this one, though it has not been submitted yet.

The History of the Great Changeling War is on the way. It is inspired by the events of the First World War (this November is the 100th anniversary of it's end), along with Battlefield 1 and the Great Martian War of 1913-1917 (which can be viewed here, but the video is of low quality, the video is flipped, and everyone sounds like they're on helium because the video maker wanted to avoid copyright infringement), along with an alternative universe story, Changing Ways, by Comma Typer.

I have the prologue and first two chapters completed, with a third (which, if you include the prologue, is technically the fourth) on the way, as of now standing at around 2,000 words.

I will be writing more War of 1002 (and I hope and pray to get on my other stories), but this idea has been in my head for the last few weeks, and I haven't been able to get rid of it. Once it got started, it was hard to stop working on it. I hope you guys like it when it comes out.

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