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Hello, I'm BodhiBRO, and I'm just some young man that loves many things, including MLP, and I hope to make MLP stories and make friends that love MLP like I do.

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Magitus/Zeeby Bio · 1:01am Jun 15th, 2018


Zeeby, a young male zebra, was one of the many creatures in Equestria, born with supernatural powers instead of magic, which were named " The Ones ", in many books and scrolls from years and years ago. They used to think of themselves as the " Superior " race, compared to all the other ones in the world. Particularly Zeeby, was taken hostage by Queen Chrysalis and her changelings, during an invasion, and after his parents were taken from Zeeby, the zebra tried to get after them, until he was restrained by a couple changelings, his parents were killed right in front of him, and the zebra manifested supernatural powers for the first time, as he made the ground rumble below, which made a certain changeling named Hopper, take a liking to the zebra. Zeeby was taken to Hopper, and was forced to move a necklace that belonged to his sister. After a long failed first attempt, Hopper killed Zeeby's sister, Helo, right in front of him, which made him go rampant with his powers, as he used them to destroy everything in the room that he was brought to, and even killed two other changelings, by breaking off their horns, and using killing spells on them. Hopper was astonished by Zeeby's performance, and gave the little zebra back his sister's pendant.

Couple years later, grown up, Zeeby spent weeks, hunting down Hopper for revenge on killing his sister and parents, by smelling his changeling scent throughout Equestria and beyond. He first found Hopper's scent at Sweet Apple Acres, the home of the Apple Family, and asked Applejack's brother, Big Mac, who ran into Hopper, on where the changeling went. In exchange, Zeeby used his powers to yank out a tooth that has been hurting Big Mac's mouth for a couple days.

Later on, he went to a restaurant in Canderlot, which filled his nose with the smell of changelings, including Hopper. Zeeby found out that the waiter and two customers in the restaurant, were unreformed changelings, sent to kill Zeeby. The zebra murdered all three of them on the spot.

Later that night, Zeeby tracked Hopper to a private boat, which was gonna be where to kill the changeling, until he was greeted by Bling and Octopi, two other ponies with supernatural powers, and as Hopper's cronies. Zeeby destroyed the boat, but Hopper and his friends escaped, and the zebra ran into Brainy, a pale green stallion with the power to read minds, control them, and communicate with them.

Zeeby was taken in by Brainy, Jelly, Flash Sentry, and the rest of Celestia's royal guard to help figure out Hopper's true motives. Brainy befriended Zeeby, and the two recruited a couple other characters with superpowers, and trained them, to go up against Hopper and his groupies. Brainy even helped Zeeby control his powers and use them without anger and frustration and pain.

After a while planning out their move, Brainy, Zeeby, Poison, Jelly, Firebolt, Red Carpet, and Camouflage, went to Mount Aris, with the help of the Hippogriffs and Celestia's royal guard, to go up against Hopper and his friends. After a long battle between the Ones, Zeeby met his maker in the changeling's black fortress, and with the help of Brainy, gained the upper hand against Hopper. Brainy froze the changeling with his mind, and Zeeby stole Hopper's helmet, which was constructed to repel mind powers and all types of magic, including Rainbow Power.

Zeeby got his revenge by slowing moving his sister's necklace, through the changeling's heart, while frozen, and Brainy had to suffer through the pain in his mind. After Hopper's death, Zeeby made a standoff between Ones, and told Jelly and Brainy to tell the Hippogriffs and Royal Guard to not attack the beach that the Ones were on. But it was too late, and they fired many magical blasts and tidal waves towards the Ones, but Zeeby used his powers to stop them in their tracks.

After feeling betrayed by the Hippogriffs and Royal Guard, he sent the blasts and waves back, but Brainy tried to stop the zebra. After failing, Jelly used her magic infused superpowers of shooting slime projectiles at him to distract him, which was enough to make the waves and blasts disappear, before they could hit the Hippogriffs and Royal Guard, making them safe. But at the cost of Brainy being paralyzed from the hind legs and rear end, after Zeeby accidentally fired a slime ball from Jelly, at his friend.

Zeeby abandoned Brainy, Jelly, Red Carpet, and Camouflage, and rushed away with Poison, Vanish, Octopi, and Firebolt. After Brainy and his friends recovered, Zeeby and his cronies broke into Tartarus, freed Bling from the prison, and Zeeby gave himself the tag name: Magitus.

Years later, during the dark days before the fall of Equestria, Twilight and her friends ran into Brainy and Camouflage, who were beaten down and retired after so many years of battle, until the Mane 6 and Team Cynder, asked for the help of the two Ones, to break Zeeby out of Tartarus after the zebra was proven guilty of killing Stygian, the Pony of Shadows, and the two Ones hesitantly agreed.

After breaking Zeeby out of the upgraded Tartarus, Brainy and Zeeby tried setting their resolves, after the unseen events of the death of the Pony of Shadows. And Rarity becomes love struck with the zebra, but Zeeby kept turning her down. Later on, right as Poison, who abandoned Brainy and Zeeby during Stygian's death, was about to infect the Pillars of Old Equestria, Zeeby stopped her, and was about to kill her instead, but Camouflage stopped him. Zeeby escaped, and was forced by Lord Maelstrom, to do his bidding while he was away, battling Dark Lord Scream.

Magitus went to the location of the Tree of Harmony, and used his powers to completely demolish the tree into pieces, and used a chunk of the Element of Magic, to recreate his helmet, after it was destroyed by the Pony of Shadows. The zebra then got into a battle with Brainy, Camouflage, Team Cynder, the Mane Six, Celestia and Luna, and the Pillars of Old Equestria, while everypony from Canderlot, Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, and some familiar faces from outside of Equestria, watched. Magitus won, and used a chunk of magic, constructed it into a loudspeaker that was loud enough for the entire world to hear, as the zebra made a speech, revealing that he's sorry for what he has done and that Lord Maelstrom and his army would be coming soon.

He told everyone to not stay hidden and become more than what they are now. To become The Superior. Poison stopped Magitus, took his helmet off, and Brainy used his telekinetic powers, combined with the Princess's telekinetic powers, to reform the zebra. Magitus left once again, and worked undercover as a High Floodgater to Lord Maelstrom. During the War Of Fallen Equestria And The Fallen World, Magitus finally went out of the shadows and helped fight Lord Maelstrom. He was not seen again until Maelstrom was defeated and ended up in the new reality, completely reformed, no helmet, and still very powerful, pranking Rainbow Dash time to time and dating Rarity.


Next will be Webber this time. 😄

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