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Windows 10 update · 8:36pm Jun 14th, 2018

Well that's just great. My PC got a update and boom, all my stories damaged or deleted in Word. Anyone also got similar problems? And anyone, please help?

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Comments ( 13 )

I don't use word for this reason. Gdocs is the way to go.

Oh. Sorry to hear that.
I haven't had any problems but I save all my work to a USB stick.
See if there's some way you can backup or retrieve them. Maybe check online.

Its Habit, use it for years

Thanks, my pc regulary makes Backups

Microsoft halt ne'

That's why backups of your stories are very important. And I suggest using Open Office instead of Word. Software by Microsoft is known for causing trouble.
Do you have saved your stories elsewhere or is everything lost?

The Update even crashed my Backup but i can restore them through the pm i sent you.


So, you lost everything that you have previously written? Is all of that still saved online somewhere?

WEl, I sstill got them on a second Pc, so I can get them from there and Pip's from the PM I sent you.


Good.^^ You should really start using Open Office, to prevent that problem from happen again.

Well, I actually save them on a USB stick, it just corrupted the files as I the update came before I could pull it out. But after that. I pull it out before turning the Pc off.


It could still be that they get corrupted, though, when you put it back in after turning on the PC again. Open Office is a very good software. It offers everything that you need to write long stories and also autosaves your progress.

I keep that in mind, I'm just used to word as I use it for years.

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