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Hello, I'm BodhiBRO, and I'm just some young man that loves many things, including MLP, and I hope to make MLP stories and make friends that love MLP like I do.

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Lord Maelstrom/Prince Riptide Bio · 7:24pm Jun 13th, 2018

I'm gonna start talking the backstory and bios of my own MLP OC characters from my story, since making this story as of now is a hassle. And I want to explain the new characters better than the story can do. Hope you're all okay with that. 😄 I might spoil the story a lot, but it's intentional. So if you don't want spoilers for the last 5 parts of the Friendship Vs Evil storyline, don't read.


Prince Riptide, the great grandson of Princess Luna, became the first Prince of Equestria after the suddenly quick Swamp Fever deaths of his parents. After Luna became corrupted into Nightmare Moon, and was banished to the moon by Celestia, Riptide's body exploded into pieces, leaving his soul behind, which became drenched in Nightmare Moon's dark magic.

For many years later, during the Sonic Rainboom, Luna's reformation, Discord's defeat, Sombra's defeat, Tirek's defeat, Starlight's reformation, etc. Riptide, now by the name of Maelstrom, his soul was finding different ways to get himself a new body. After he started making his own band of dark followers, many of them attempted to bring their master back, but failed. It wasn't until he forced a young, scholar stallion named Mercury, to bond with his body for the time being, until one of his followers could bring him back.

During his time in Mercury's body, Riptide created his own apprentice, named Death Wish, who got disintegrated by Twilight and her friends, unintentionally, which made Riptide's soul leave Mercury, and find another follower to bring him back.

Months later, Maelstrom's followers created his own version of the Castle of Friendship: The Castle of Nothingness, and finally, Maelstrom's most fearful follower: Acorn Buttertail, used an embryo-like shriveled baby version of Maelstrom, dropped him into a cauldron, and she used a good amount of Twilight's own magic, dropped it in there, and Dark Lord Maelstrom was born again with a fully grown body, but with what remained of Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt uniform, as a robe. His followers were named the Floodgaters, and his High Floodgaters, revealed to be every major villain in the Friendship is Magic show, with the exception of Pony of Shadows, Grogar, Starlight, Trixie, and Storm King. And his deadly magical powers were cursed by Dash's Wonderbolt uniform, to make his dark magic rainbow colored, and not lethal.

After he tried defeating Twilight Sparkle for the first time and failed, Maelstrom's main goal is revenge on his aunt, Celestia, the downfall of Equestria, and the death of Twilight and her friends. He started a war against Equestria, and the lands beyond, destroyed Ponyville and the Castle of Friendship, obliterated the Crystal Empire, attacked the High Ground Hills and Trotham City, watched his grandmother, Nightmare Moon, kill off Princess Celestia from above, supposedly killed Twilight by his own hooves after getting rid of Rainbow Dash's uniform, and many other brutal things.

During the final hours of Equestria's entire fall, Maelstrom watched his grandmother sacrifice herself for Twilight and her friends to stop him and Maelstrom underestimated the abilities of the Rainbow Power, which Twilight and her friends used to defeat and disintegrate the Dark Lord once and for all, which created a new reality for the six mares, as Equestria and the lands beyond were restored, and everypony alive, including Celestia and Luna.

Lord Maelstrom or Prince Riptide, was the embodiment of darkness in Equestria, until he was stopped. Never underestimate the power of Rainbow Power.


That's all, next will be Magitus's bio. Hope you liked this one. ^^ 😄

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Prince...Riptide? As in...Anaklusmos? Do u like Percy Jackson? R u a Demigod too?:pinkiegasp:

I did not get inspiration for this character from Percy Jackson XD I actually got inspiration from Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle, in Harry Potter. 😄

Wut. How???

Voldemort's body was destroyed by Harry as a baby, Maelstrom's body was destroyed by Celestia. Voldemort's followers feared him, Maelstrom's followers feared him. Voldemort thought he killed Harry, Maelstrom thought he killed Twilight.

Any reference here? XD

Huh. Yeah, I get it. I just haven't read this story before.:twistnerd:

This bio? Or my actual MLP story? Cause there's more than one main antagonist than just Maelstrom. 😄

Neither. As selfish as it may sound, I usually don't read the stories of those who I'm following. I have other...Senpais? Gurus? Role models? Whatever.

Ah, that's alright. 😀

I just wish I could make my story a reality. As in to animate it. XD

Everyone would wish that. Anyways, good night, it's 12:48 pm here, and I've got school tomorrow.


Okay buddy, night to ya. 😄

Hey hey hey!

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