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A 32-year old gay trans girl. Got back into the show thanks to a friend and bingewatching. I've got quite a few things planned...

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  • 130 weeks
    Status Update 4/17/2019

    Hey all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I got the help I needed, and have finished editing the new chapter of Sunset in Ponyville. Expect to see it published sometime tomorrow morning, barring any problems on my end.

    I hope you all look forward to it! :twilightsmile:

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  • 132 weeks
    Status Update 4/6/2019 - Looking for Editor

    So. The editor I previously had for Sunset in Ponyville is no longer able to perform her duties. I bear no ill will towards her for it, these things happen, but it does mean I need to find a new one as I don't want to post new chapters without anyone else looking them over first.

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  • 133 weeks
    Status Update 3/26/2019


    I'm back! I have a new computer now! It's still gonna take a couple days for me to get back to writing and editing, but I'm back! :pinkiehappy:

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  • 135 weeks
    Status Update 3/14/2019

    Hi everyone! It sure has been a while. I wish I had entirely good news for you today, but sadly that isn't the case.

    First, though, I do want to say that I did finish the chapter of Sunset that I was working on, and sent the one before it off to my editor.

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  • 142 weeks
    Status Update 1/25/2019

    Well folks, I'm happy to announce that as of last night I finally got chapter 18 of Synchrony sent of to the story's editor, and that tonight I started work on chapter 13 of Sunset in Ponyville! It's still just in the planning stages at the moment, but I've got a clear idea for the chapter so I should be able to start writing it in the next few days. I expect the going to be slow,

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Status Update 6/11/2018 · 4:18am Jun 12th, 2018

Got 1,043 words written today, though I'm still feeling kinda so-so about the chapter. I was kinda hoping I'd be done by now back when I was envisioning this month... Oh well, it'll be done when it's done.

In better news, I came up with a very good idea for something I wanna do in Sunset! Or rather, in the 'verse that Sunset takes place in. It'll most likely have to wait for whatever fic comes after it, as I don't want to talk about it via Sunset reflecting on her experiences in a journal. In fact, the start of it might not even take place until after she's finished writing this first year...

So, yeah. It'll be a long while before it comes up. Not even any guarantee I'll make it that far into the story. But it's another thing for me to work towards, at least. :twilightsmile:

Word total for the month is now 11,267!

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I'm sorry you only feel so-so about the chapter, I hope it picks up for you. And your new idea sounds interesting; can't wait for it. ^_^

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