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I'm a Scotsman who likes to write stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.

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Rewrite Incoming · 10:39pm June 11th

Hi, everyone.

This is just a quick blog post to inform you that I will be starting the rewrite of The Farmer And The Spy this weekend; it will be rewritten from the ground up, entirely from John's point of view, and will go into greater detail about how his relationship with Applejack came about.

I will not be creating a new story for this; I will simply update the existing one, and the current version will no longer be readable on FImfiction (though it will still exist in a PDF you can download from my website).

That's all for now.

Stay awesome.

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Excitement! I cannot wait to see what you've got cooked up! :pinkiehappy:

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