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Chapter 25 is done and 'Apart From The Pegasi' is now complete :) · 7:12pm Jun 11th, 2018

Hello everyone!

The newest (and last) chapter for 'Apart From The Pegasi' is up and ready for you all to read, I hope you all enjoy it (I know I said it would likely be up yesterday, but I was busy and couldn't upload it until today). Honestly I loved writing every single chapter of this story and it ended being much longer than I thought it would be, I thought for sure it would be shorter then its predecessor 'Among The Pegasi', but it actually turned out to be much longer than it somehow, oh well. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you to everyone that has been following and reading this long story of mine, and I doubt I'll be doing another one like this anytime soon, however I do have some ideas for a couple of short stories that will be coming soon, so maybe I will see you all again once they are finished and uploaded. And in other news...I finish College in a week YAY! :pinkiehappy: (it's about damn time).

Anyway that is all!

KillerChainsaw ;)

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Well congrats on finishing college.

Why thank you. :twilightsmile:

KillerChainsaw ;)

I love that picture

You mean my profie picture? And thank you again. :twilightsmile:

KillerChainsaw ;)

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