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Things I love! · 3:30pm Jun 7th, 2018

Hi everypony!

This is my 1st post! I'm not much of a writer/author but I'll try writing & making my own stories! I'll be honest with you all.... I still love cartoons! Even though many are like 'no, cartoons are 4 babies & stuff', I personally think cartoons don't have any tag that says you can only watch it until this age & then you can't. I love Tom & Jerry till date & will always do! So I'll mention some of my fav cartoons right now (don't know, maybe will change :P)

1) My Little Pony(Obviously)

2) Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir(I just simply love this show!)

3) Tom & Jerry

4) The Powerpuff Girls

I'm also into reading books, especially history, stories & myths! Right now, reading Greek mythology story which is Percy Jackson series & Heroes of Olympus.They're just simply awesome. Written by Rick Riordan.I kinda hate the author 4 the cliffhangers though -_- . But anyway, tell me what shows & stories you like in the comments below!

Till then,

Crystal Out! xxxx

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