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Hello or aloha! I’m SplashSurfer216, I’m born with Asperger’s syndrome, and am just a guy with big ambitions and writing happens to be one of them!

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The Future of "Ponyville Runaways" · 6:21pm Jun 6th, 2018

Hey guys,

I have some rather unfortunate news to give you....

First off I'd like to thank you all for making "Ponyville Runaways" into among one of the most popular fics on this site, this has been the most fun I have writing next to "Rise of the Shadow Empire".

However, I've recently gotten some great feedback from some of you, and looking over my story, I unfortunately now realize that my original plans for this story aren't working out as I had hoped, specifically in terms of the passage of time and some story concepts and ideas that I wish I had added before.

Therefore, for the rest of this week, I am taking down Chapters 1-5 and putting this story on a short hiatus as part of a retooling process to work out the kinks and add some creative ideas that I never did before. I repeat, I am NOT canceling this fic nor am I abandoning it for my other one. I am also currently making plans for Chapter 6 while I'm doing this.

I hope that you guys understand and remain patient while I go through this process.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more, and remember to keep riding those magical waves of friendship!

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People have redone fics to various extents.

If that is what you want to do (or think that is what should be done) then go for it :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

well good luck with the re-tooling

I personally thought it was going along fine. But, it's your story, and if you feel it wasn't up to snuff the first try, then by all means, tweak it til you're 100% satisfied. I'll still come back to it.

Thanks man, this won’t be that big of a retool, it’s just to keep things in time with how Diamond gave the Crusaders a deadline to find a new story by the next day...

Take your time, man, you'll do it better.

I appreciate the encouragement! You guys can check out my other story while you wait....

So what your saying is you'll be redoing CH's 1-5?

Yes, yes I am, I’ve already finished chapter one. After the others are done, they’ll be back up before you know it!

We will!!

Keep ir up always!

If I'm positive, all chapters will be back up along with NEW CH.6 in about a WEEK or TWO yes?

Let’s just say the chapters will be back up by next week and chapter 6 will be released after Chapter 7 of Rise of The Shadow Empire....

Looks like I was on the ball. B.T.W. how's your other story coming along?

Have you read any of it? And I’ve just released Chapter 6 of that one a few days ago..

At least it explains everything; besides, fimfetch has a record of that anyway... for now.

I just saw that the fic has changed while going through the new chapters..... I was shocked and afraid you could cancel it, so I came here.
I'm glad to see this isn't the case, this story might be the only one that shows the events more from their perspective and how the reactions of their big sisters could have caused something much worse than what actually happened.
If you need assistance with this story, do not hesitate to ask me. I want to see this one succeeding and reaching completion.

Comment posted by Splash Surfer 216 deleted Jun 8th, 2018


Co-writer? :derpyderp1: No, please don't credit me as such. I have only offered my advice, but I have not actually done something for the story, yet alone helped you writing it.
I would certainly do this if you need my help with anything, but until then, I can't call myself a co-writer of this yet.

Edit: Why the deleted comment?

Comment posted by Splash Surfer 216 deleted Jun 8th, 2018

Would it be better if I considered you both as consultants or collaberators? They basically do the same thing of what you had in terms of assistance...


To be honest, I don't remember anymore what we talked about this story already. Have I given you significant, specific advice that helped you in the process of writing it?

I haven’t asked you yet but I am saying that I accept you and Astral’s help with future chapters. As a matter of fact, I’ll be sure to PM you when I get to a certain part of the story. :raritywink:


Okay, I'll be here once you need my assistance and if you want, you can put me as story consultant in the description.^^

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