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    Hey there, people!

    I know this has been a long time that you heard from me again, but let me explain.

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Long time no see. · 5:28pm Jun 6th, 2018

Hey there, people!

I know this has been a long time that you heard from me again, but let me explain.

Things had come in and out over the years, and I think I started off on the wrong foot when I started this in 2013. I thought that I would get recognized after working hard, but things got in the way due to things, and the years just stapled on and such. In other words, I just forgot to go and write things, and I didn't got any inspiration, whatsoever.

But, I started RP'ing and such, and with that, I began to get a small inkling on writing again, and things at work got the creative juices flowing for real! I'm not going to continue Visit To The Dentist anytime soon, though. That's a fanfic that's on hiatus until further notice, and as I said, I'm not even sure if that fic is going to get continued in the first place. So, with that said, I'll be writing something new anytime soon, but when? I have no idea. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, I'm not sure, but that I'm going to be writing SOMETHING, is clear as day. I hope that there are still people that are loyal to me through all those years, and stayed with me even though I barely uploaded anything. I'm going to Ireland in a few days on vacation, so perhaps it could be that I'm writing something after that.

Just hold on, is what I'm saying. Not to mention that I'm not going to have this channel die in the first place, that's for sure! I'm just saying, that I'm back for real, and this is not a chance that I'm going to let squander away. You'll be seeing more of me in the future.

In other words, that's all that I wanted to say, and I hope that you guys are still willing to hear from me in the future, and that I will show you something good. That's all.

With Friendly Regards,
Johannes Vanbuylen.

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