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Hi, Yes I'm Queen Quake, Wandering Sunrise, and Tread Lightly - I like Explosions, 40K, Ponies, Anime, and Explosions....that's about it. Check me out on YouTube just search Fiaura ;)

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OMW home from HRPC · 10:37pm Jun 5th, 2018

So I'll see yall at Trotcon, Crystal Mountain Ponycon, and Bronycon next. So much work to do between now and then; new story will be out this week; chapter 20 FoE: Dead Tree is in progress and a second new story is already getting artwork done for it!

In the mean time, I've got to fly home from High Roller Pony Con which was awesome! I had a wonderful time! I saw many of you come out and hug me or talk to me or just buy some random stuff I brought (Plushies, Bottles, Prints, and Bags). I hope you really enjoy them and hopefully I can keep making more cool stuff to come out in the future for all of you.

See you all on the YouTube and Discord I hope when I get home!

Also would like to thank my YouTube Sponsors, Stream Tippers, and Patreons because they make the Science Videos, Panel Presentations at Cons, and Stories here on Fim possible. Anyway time to board and head back to Philly from Vegas!
Hope to see you all at cons!
I heart all of you and will be glad to talk in comments or on discord when I get home. Thank you all so much, you make all this possible and I am glad to call all of you my friends,

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Trotcon Is in Columbus, Ohio in July this year with Elley-Ray (Mistmane) and Brenda Chrichlow (Zecora) being the MLP voice actresses who will be in attendance.

I think it is at the North Crowne Hotel. Check Trotcon on their Twitter page.

I live in Newark, Ohio and will probably be in Columbus on the Saturday for the Bible study I am involved in.

Ummm, I'm a panelist and waiting on them to announce if I'm gonna be a guest or not at Trotcon. I know where it is.

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