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It seemed sexy at the time.

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Call for Suggestions · 5:29am Jun 5th, 2018

I'm working on a sequel to this:

[Adult story embed hidden]


Anon's going to fucking all of the mane 7. So what I want to know is how you want to see him fucking them. Put it down in the comments.

Report thathornypony · 118 views · Story: Need A Hand? · #Clop #Democracy
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Keeping with the tone of Need A Hand, probably him finding himself in situations with the girls that he doesn't expect? He is supposed to be a new student so similar situations could potentially arise? Stuff where he is introduced to their complete lack of inhibition and morals. Perhaps thru the girls guiding him, unbeknownst to him, to where each can have their individual unique way with him?

At least, that's how I could envision sequel chapters being written for each of the girls, either individually or in pairs/groups and even more? Nothing says you can't introduce non-mane 7 girls into the mix?

I think it'd be really hot if Fluttershy were to give him a tit-fuck under the desk.

By the way, it's against site rules to tag or link to M rated stories in blogs, so you might want to change that.

More nonchalant sex in public places

Can we have mane 6 kidnapped anon and do him in a secluded area?

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