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  • Tuesday

    I know that I have been on a long hiatus and haven't been updating, and I hope you can forgive me, but I feel like I need to tell you all. During the time that I was away, I realized that I'm not as passionate about the show as I once was and I'm now falling out of the Brony fandom. I love this fandom and everything that it has done for me, but I don't know if I will be in the Brony fandom by the

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  • 13 weeks
    quick update

    I'm sorry I haven't updated any of my stories, but after I wrote the first chapter to 'Nightmare star' I started drawing blank after blank after blank. I know that I am very inconsistent with chapter updates and I'm sorry, but I hope that I will be able to get the next chapter of 'The 5 confessions' out before or after christmas.

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  • 18 weeks

    The legend that is Stan Lee has changed so many lives with his comics (my self included), it tears me apart to know that he is not around any more, but his legend will forever live on.

    Rest In Peace Stan Lee. May you find happiness up there

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  • 20 weeks

    The poll is closed and the results are in. I will be writing new chapters to 'Crystal love' because that one got the most votes. Now, I just want to say that I didn't plan on making new chapters because this was supposed to be a one-shot story. But after getting PMed a few times and being asked in the comments if I will be making a sequel or new chapters. I decided to hold a poll and see which

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  • 26 weeks

    The story 'The five confessions' is not dead, I just posted the next chapter not to long ago. I just haven't been able to get around to updating it with all that's been happening in my life. But I do not leave stories unfinished, so no matter how long it takes I will finish this story.

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What story should I write next · 2:03am Jun 4th, 2018

I am going to be writing a new story when I finish the two I am working on right now but I don't know what. I have ten ships I want to write but I don't know which one I want to do first, so I will let you decide which one I write. The link to the poll is down below and I encourage everyone who reads this to vote.


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Seeing as they all seem to be about twilight...Torch and twilight as a custom vote. Why? Because it would be a challange...and the lols of course.

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