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I've been writing and selling stories for longer than a lot of folks reading this have been alive. Check Baal Bunny for more!

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And the Last One Up · 5:36pm June 2nd

This whole saga:

Started here and continued here and here. And now it's done!

That of the four stories whose submissions prompted this little excursion is "To Drive the Cold Winter Away," the story that took 3rd place in the original fic contest GaPJaxie organized back in February with assistance from Cold in Gardez and Titanium Dragon. I cleaned the story up, submitted it to Fred Patten's next anthology for FurPlanet Books, and I just got his note saying he'll take it.

That's a better-than-average rate of acceptance for me, now that I think about it, one story of four finding a home somewhere. And yet? I just keep going.

I did a little work on about half the poems from my "Ponyville" collection and submitted them to The Poets' Haven as a possible chapbook, whatever on Earth that might be. I'm putting together a third act for my story that took 5th place in the Message in a Bottle Writeoff, mulling a first and second act for my story that took 1st place in the Last Call Writeoff, and of course the 3rd annual Write Like You're Alive extravaganza from Zoetic Press will be coming up in July—you have to write something and submit it to them every day during the month for a place in the resulting anthology. And I plan on spending the rest of today putting together the concluding chapter of "Such Sweet Poison" with an eye toward posting it next Wednesday.

So much going on!


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Better than average? Heck, buy me a lottery ticket, please.

Glad to hear it was accepted! :twilightsmile:

Good luck with the July extravaganza.

Congrats! From what I hear, one out of four is a pretty smashing success rate for anyone, unless you're one of the Big Names In Publishing that can coast on name recognition.

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